Our Prayer For Love

Mirakelley Love

This full moon and this pandemic are bringing up all of our relationship issues.

Those of us who are single, we are painfully aware of how alone we are and how much we desire to be in a committed and happy relationship. Someone we love and admire, who is there for us.

Some of us who are in a lockdown with a significant other, we are feeling the tension of the arguments and the unresolved issues. We look at them and we think, “I don’t feel like this is the person I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t feel the love, the passion and the excitement I know I should be feeling. We lack connection. I am not happy.”

In the quiet of the quarantine, as all the extra business is gone, the fears, the questions and the doubts within us become so loud and clear.

Can I really get what I want?

Is it possible that I can have the relationship and the partner that I secretly dream of?

There is no avoiding these doubts and hiding from ourselves.

That is why I pray with you and as you —

“Divine Love, I surrender to you the pain of this moment.

I accept what is.

Take away from me my anger, my sadness, all my resentments and all my hurt.

I don’t need to painfully wonder if anyone would ever love me. I am worthy of love.

I don’t need to work hard to please them to deserve their love. I am worthy of love.

I don’t need to hold back on having my needs met so that they hopefully someday reciprocate. I am worthy of love.

I release, lose and let go of all of my limiting beliefs and doubts of my own worth.

I know that you, God, created me to manifest and to experience through my relationships the highest love here in the physical.

You did not put this desire of pure, true love and deep soul connected in my heart in vain.

I know that love and that dream relationship exists and it is possible for me to have them.

And I know that I have been the only one blocking them with my doubts of my worthiness.

I admit I have been settling for less, much less. And I chose to forgive myself for that.

I chose to open my heart.

I chose to believe in the dream that I dream.

I chose to believe that there is another person who dreams the same dream as me.

And to that person I will be the gift.

I will be their greatest blessings.

I chose to be that loved. I chose to receive the greatest love. I allow myself to receive.

I lose, release and let go easily and effortlessly all that is in the way. Thank you! And so it is.”

I am here for you if you would like to create the changes in your life to bring in true love. Email me at [email protected], share with me your love story, your pain, your dream and ask me how we can work together.

I love you and I am sending you oceans of love,