Trust The Unknown

It is happening right now.

I am sitting on a plane. I have a window seat. The plane is stopped right at the beginning of the runway. We are about to take off. The pilot is boosting up the engine. The stopped plane speeds forward. We are taking off. Gravity glues me to the back of my seat. This is my favorite moment when I fly.

I love traveling. Every trip is an adventure into the unknown. The excited anticipation of what is to be and what I will create and discover immediately opens my heart.

As the plane looses touch with the ground, I imagine hurling out into the unknown.

I am in love with the unknown. How outlandish of me to say that?! Most people run away from the unknown. We speak of the unknown as something that scares us; something we need to avoid at all costs. So many of our actions are focused on managing risk and trying to control an uncontrollable world. We hold on to the fear of the unknown and use it as an excuse to not let life and change happen to us. Yet, as Heraclitus says, “Change is the only constant.”

Whenever there was a change of some sort happening to me, I always knew that my biggest job was to find safety in the flow of life shiftingg direction. I knew that I have to believe that it is all for the better. I knew that I have to return back to trust. That is why one of my favorite mantras is, “I trust myself. I trust my life. I trust the Universe.” That is how I handle the changes I did not initiate. And yet, there was such joy an expansion when I intentionally sought to dive deep into new situations, projects and ideas. I am remembering the words of a friend, a man who has created an incredibly successful career in the financial world. He says that his career was always advanced when he embraced the unknown and pushed himself to be uncomfortable.

As the plane advances through time and space, my thoughts on the unknown continue to flow.

The unknown is safe. I feel so safely held, so nurtured there. I feel like a baby safely cradled in the hands of the Divine. The unknown looks at me and feels adoration — How could you not love that which is becoming? So full of potential, curiosity and wonder. That is how the unknown sees me.

The unknown is warm and intimate. The unknown is not a cold, impersonal vastness in which small me may get lost. No. The unknown knows me. It knows me better than I know all aspects of my multidimensional self. It knows my purpose, my intents and the desire for their fulfillment. I am home in the unknown.

The unknown is very personal. It bends and comes my way seeking to support me. It anticipates my needs. It weaves in synchronicities through the fabric of my every day. So that I know it is always there, protecting me and proving for me. I am big. I matter to the unknown.

The unknown fulfills its existence through my existence. Wondering, asking – how may I support your creations. All it asks is that I trust it. It tells me, “Trust that I have the magical ability to pull together resources, dreams, impulses, chance encounters in a way you cannot even imagine. All done for the purpose of bring your desired goal to you. Leave the means and the details to me.”

The unknown is not bound by limitations and linear time and space. In the simultaneity of time, miracles are the normal events of life. Miracles are brought to me in the gaps between the moments. Unless, of course I resist them through fear of change.

I trust. I have faith. All doubt is banished. All fear is gone. I am in control of my thoughts and my emotions. That is all the control I need in the unknown.

The unknown has always got my back. Always. Even when it seems unlikely, my greatest vision is made manifest.

My surrender is not blind. I expand and open up into the unknown feeling exhilaration. I am thrilled at the adventure of becoming more, knowing more, creating more, tasting more, loving more.

The unknown is expansive. I could grow and spread. There is room for all of me. I don’t bump into limitations in the unknown. There are no boundaries, no rules.

The unknown is generous. So abundant! It is full of potential. All possibilities are merging and blending into one another just for me. I am never out of options in the unknown.

The unknown exists through me and as me. I am at my best when I walk joyfully in the unknown.

The unknown loves me. I fully open my heart and I receive the unknown.

This could only be good.

Now, let’s make this the best adventure ever.