Chakras – Your Key to Creating Wealth

Your chakras hold the key to unlocking your wealth!

In my Unlimited Wealth class we will journey through the chakras to clear your blocks to prosperity.

Each chakra acts as a tuner that is able to receive frequency or electromagnetic signals that carry information. As each of our energy centers gets calibrated to a more coherent and aligned vibration as to wealth, then it will be able to create new experiences from a higher vibrational frequency of prosperity.

As we go through Unlimited Wealth, I will start each section by reviewing the chakra and how it interacts with your body and your energy system. I will present the negative beliefs and emotions we hold at each chakra.

Then, we will work on releasing your old stories of unworthiness, lack and not enoughness. As that heaviness and constriction are let go of, we will create a foundation of emotions and beliefs based on thriving, feeling safe and stable financially.

We will reprogram your energy centers to wealth. By changing and upgrading your inner emotional environment, the vibration you radiate will magnetize back to you an experience of effortless abundance.

It is time to create your unlimited wealth!

Your investment is just $97!

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Over two full days on June 10 and 11, we will work on releasing the past and creating a new future for you. This consistent, intense focus will create deep and powerful shifts in your life.

I look forward to us creating your unlimited wealth together!