Money Fears Stopping Your Purpose?

Today I spoke with a woman who is searching for her purpose.

She is an attorney who makes a comfortable and safe living. Yet, as she said, “it feels empty in my soul.”

She has strong communication and negotiating skills. She knows how to immediately get people to see the truth of the matter and to guide them how to discuss the issue.

She dreams of writing a New York Times best-selling book and being an international speaker and teacher.

This all sounded fantastic to me. I love a woman who dreams big! These are my favorite clients to work with because I train and create winners. So the bigness of her dream did not scare me. It actually excited me because I know how to get a person where they want to go.

But I was more interested in hearing what scares her. What are the fears that come up right after she allows herself to dream big?

And her fears were predictable and very understandable.

First, she did not know how to get there. She did not trust herself. She did not have clarity on what packaging, as a career her dream could take.

Second, she was afraid to jeopardize her safe income. Even though she was not the main breadwinner in the house, she was earning good money and she did not want to be uncomfortable through the period of her building her new work and the financial realignment of that.

But ultimately her biggest fear was not trusting. Not trusting that living her purpose was possible for her. No trusting that she could really live boldly and freely as she imagined. And not trusting that she can make it happen.

Do you struggle with the same questions, doubts and fears?

I get it. That was me too right before I made the jump from being an attorney to now helping people create the lives they dream of.

There is no better coach on this path than me. Because I have lived the struggle. And I have crossed that river of change. And I have created the life I dreamt of 15 years ago.

Email me at [email protected] and let’s dive into working together so that you wake up every day excited to live your purpose and serve the world with your talents.