Create True Love Calls Queen Codes


March 1,8,15,22,29
Every Thursday in March starting at 6:30 PM PST.
Check back here each week to access the recordings of the live calls.

Questions to consider (and journal about)

  1. Why are you doing this? What are you hoping to get out of this course?
  2. Kimberlee is driven by “hope.” What drives you?
  3. What do you want versus what do you need?
  4. What are you unable or unwilling to live without?
  5. Who are the men in your life, that you’ll be focused on transforming your relationship with?
  6. You are encouraged to look beyond romantic relationships.
  7. What’s your strategy? (Kimberlee’s strategy is to never get “caught” or let them know she’s caught)
  8. Conflicting wills-How does your strategy conflict with what you want in life?
  9. What do you need? What are your dreams? How do those conflict with what you’re supposed to want?
  10. What’s your vision of a queen? What do you think it means to be a queen?
  11. What are you willing to need a man for?
  12. Where are you hard to impress?
  13. What are the things we expect another to initiate, and think we shouldn’t have to ask for?
  14. Are you open to a new point of view?


  1. Get a calendar and mark off every day how you did with this challenge-30 days of not judging others and not judging yourself.
  2. Every time you you start judging someone else or yourself turn it to compassion. And realize there is not one of us that is perfect we each are in a universe of our own.
  3. Each one of us is formed with different culture, different experiences and expectations believes there is no one standard. As we have compassion and understanding, unending love and support… what we notice is quite miraculous in ourselves and others.
  4. Get a calendar and mark off every day that you don’t judge yourself or someone else.
  5. Journal about what happened during the day with that challenge.
  6. These are the ways I judged.
  7. These are the ways I caught myself
  8. These are the way I change my thoughts.
  9. And from changing these thoughts…this is how I feel about the world now.

This challenge Will be something fully miraculous in changing how you see yourself and others. It will be In a positive, loving, kind way.

March 1 Call



March 8 Call


March 15 Call


March 22 Call


March 29 Call