His Reminder

While at work today something really touching happened to me.

I was going about my day when a very strong feeling of missing my father overwhelmed me.  I felt the sharp pain of having lost him and was stunned to realize that him not being with us in the physical world is real – very, very real.  I though of the funeral and of the hundreds of people who shared with me how much they loved dad, the ways in which he helped each and every one of them with anything he could, and how much he meant to them.  I though of mom and how lonely she must be.  I felt like I was crumbling inside, however, the urgency of things I needs to focus on snapped me out of my thoughts.

One of the items on my list was to make a phone call and resolve an issue.  After I hung up, I remembered that there was something else we need to discuss with the person so I pressed the “Redial” button on my phone.  On the other end of the line a male voice said, “Please hold.”  I was on hold for a few minutes when the man returned on the line and said, “Symphony Space Theater. How may I help you?”

“Symphony Space Theater!?” I though to myself.  That was not who I was trying to reach.  The last time I visited that theater was two years ago and I certainly did not dial their number for my previous call, yesterday or any time recently.  I thought to myself that this was really strange, yet, I felt that there was something for me to discover.  As soon as I hung up the phone I googled “Symphony Space Theater” to make sure I find the right establishment.

The theater page came up and it was indeed the place which I visited two years ago to see a show that was highly recommended to me by my father.  I was intrigued.  I went to the calendar of events and was stunned to discover that this weekend one of my dad’s favorite performers was playing there.

In my heart I knew that dad had found a way to reach me and soothe me.  Through this sequence of unexplainable events he was telling me that he is with me and that he has never really left.

Thank you, dad.  I love you.

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