Your Life Purpose

Lilou Mace and I speak about what is your life purpose and the importance of trust. Enjoy!


Life Purpose and Past Life Regression
Mira Kelley and Lilou Mace
Lilou: Hello my delicious co-creators, Lilou here. I am in beautiful New York City. I had to fly actually from France to come to New York because this is really, truly a very special place. A beautiful weekend, so sunny, magnificent, one of these days that you just can’t resist to go outside to enjoy the beautiful breeze, I love it.

Mira: I love it too.

Lilou: You live in a great city Mira. I’m sitting with Mira Kelley. You most likely recognize her because I’ve interviewed her and this is, Wayne Dyer, of course, speaks so highly of you and made the foreword of your new baby here called “Beyond Past Lives” So you’re a past life regressionist and we’re gonna have this amazing conversation about life purpose, because don’t we all want to live this exciting, juicy life. Full of purpose that feels good in our hearts. So what’s the link actually between past life regressions and purpose? Life purpose.

Mira: Absolutely. Well, this is really the most important question that we all have don’t we. We all feel that we’re here for a purpose; there must be a reason why we are created. And, so, when I work with clients, when I work with clients personally, individually, or in workshops, that’s the biggest question people always ask me, what is my life purpose. And some of us are step ahead of others, right? We are aware of what is that we’re here to do, but most of us are really struggling with it. Most of us are looking to be told “what is our life purpose”. And that’s one of the subjects that I discuss in my book “Beyond Past Lives”.

Lilou: So tell us all about it. I mean, let’s dig into this. How do define the life purpose, first of all?

Mira: I think of it as something bigger than career. I think, in fact, this is one of the biggest things that limits us because when we start talking about purpose, we expect that it needs to come with a title. We think that it needs to come with a job description. And because we’re so used to having a path laid out for us, right, we get good grades in high school then we go to college or a university, then we either go to a graduate school or we get a job and then after graduate school we get a job. So it’s a very clear path and every step of the way you have to excel so that you can get to the next place, right.

Lilou: A lot of pressure

Mira: Absolutely. And it’s a very clearly outlined path. And then, all of a sudden, you find yourself in the workforce and you’re saying “this is not what I signed up for”, “this is not what I dreamed of my life being when I was little”.

Lilou: And we feel disappointed don’t we? To not be able to fulfill on, in what we spent so much time on like studying and all this takes time and it’s an investment.

Mira: Absolutely. And also there’s the feeling of actually being lost between the beliefs, you know, amongst all the beliefs that we have. The beliefs of our parents of what we should do with our lives. Disappointing them if we don’t do what they told us to, right? Or…

Lilou: Reminds me when I got fired in London, I was director of marketing and all of a sudden I got this call from my boss, next thing I was fired. Is this a good indication that we’re not on life purpose when we get fired Mira?

Mira: Absolutely. I actually, really love your story and how comfortable you feel sharing this with people because we take it with so much shame when things like that happen. And it’s not really about shame at all, it’s really an indication that you’re not on path and a part of you is really orchestrating this occurrence because your beliefs are keeping you so stuck that you’re not gonna be able to let go of on your own. So your soul is participating in this event to take place so that you can actually be free and all of a sudden say, “ok, now that I’m free, what do I decide?” and hopefully right, decide to move forward with your passion and how you feel you contribute to the world. So …

Lilou: You took a big leap of faith here, because I know you’re a lawyer here in New York City or, is it, was it New York? And then now you’re a past life regressionist, so this is totally, totally out of “trajectory”, if I could say that.

Mira: Yeah, absolutely, very different path. It wasn’t just a step removed; it was a whole different career path. And it was also because of my own personal experience. Lilou, this is what amazes me, so when I start telling people my story; this is really the part of my story that they most connect with, and that’s the reason why I have been so passionate about talking about passion, right. Because so many people look at me and say “gosh, if you were able to do this, I’m gonna take that as an inspiration that I can do it too”. And so let’s backtrack a little bit. So I want to answer that question of “ok, what is my purpose?” because the answer is very, very simple. And it really goes like this. Your purpose is to be yourself. That’s really the reason why you’re here. God created you with these gifts and abilities and talents so that you can be who you are, and serve the world through what you have to offer.

Lilou: How do you know that for sure?

Mira: I have done some beautiful regressions in which this information was revealed in the most profound way. And one of the stories is actually the story of Serene and Serena Dyer. Should I tell you the story?

Lilou: I love Serena. Oh my God. If you haven’t seen my interview with Serena, she was 26 at that time, Serena in Maui, her dad is Wayne Dyer, so I thought that was super interesting to introduce somebody. Like, what is, that was raised by a spiritual dad. So you did a past life regression with her? Amazing. How long ago?

Mira: It was a couple of years ago; actually, it was around the very same time that I regressed Wayne Dyer. And he was so excited about what he experienced. He was so moved that he wanted to start telling people about it. And the first person he had a chance to tell was Serena Dyer because she was visiting him at that time. And so when I worked with Serena she saw herself not in a past life, not in a future life, she saw herself at a dimension where souls will come and get their personalities on their path to being born as people on Earth.

Lilou: Wait, so she was in hypnosis?

Mira: Yes. She was in a state of deep relaxation, and she experienced herself as this being who is the keeper of this flame, who is guiding these souls on their path to becoming born on Earth.

Lilou: Very cool.

Mira: I know. And there are so many extraordinary details about the story, and I cannot say, you know, I cannot give them all to you in a few minutes, but people can read them in “Beyond Past Lives”.

Lilou: That’s the book you wrote with her dad on the cover?

Mira: That’s my book.

Lilou: Oh sorry. Oh my God. Because I just remembered that Serena also had a book.

Mira: Yes. She just wrote a book with her dad.

Lilou: That’s the book (Showing “Beyond Past Lives”).

Mira: Yes. And so, she …

Lilou: That’s Mira’s book (Showing “Beyond Past Lives”).

Mira: (Laugh). I love it. So she actually experienced herself, Serena experienced herself as the keeper of this flame where souls will come on their path to Earth. And one of the entry points through which souls will come was for newly created souls. And I said to her “Oh, this is extraordinary”, can we go back and see how souls actually get created. And she said to me “Absolutely, no problem”. So …

Lilou: So when you are in hypnosis, you’re having this actually dialogue with the best life regressionist.

Mira: Yes yes. Yes, we’re in a state of dialogue and there’s really no limitations to the explorations you are able to do in the state of relaxation like you are saying. So it was absolutely no problem for us to observe what it is like when new souls are created. And she described to me that souls are created because there is the awareness that something is missing. An awareness in all of the universe that is specific, a particular experience, a particular way of being in the world is missing. So “all that is”, is not all that is. And, so that signal gets sent, and a new soul gets created. So this new soul is actually the completion of “all that is” until, “all that is” again, knows itself in more expanded ways, and something else is needed to complete the new way of growth as an exploration.

Lilou: Wait, I have a question and you must, everybody watching must have this question now again, but I thought, what do you mean by “soul is created”? Like, I thought the soul kept on going on life after life and that’s why you do past life regressions. I mean, how is a soul created? Oh my God, what is this again. Because last time you throw me a curveball with this “that life, all life happen at the same time”. And now you’re saying souls are created.

Mira: So, you know, I had the very same question. I had the very same question. And I was explained that it’s really “this and that”, “it’s not this or that”. So it’s both “souls” are created and they exist for eternity. And also, souls have been around forever as opposed to just being created right now. So, the distinction that you’re making in your mind comes from the place of thinking is “time is linear”. But if you think of time is simultaneous, everything is unfolding right now, which means that both “all of creation is being created right now” “and it already exist right now”. So time as a structure is just here on us for us on Earth, but outside of this dimension, there’s really no “time” and everything is occurring and happening simultaneously.

Lilou: How are you, how can we be with that kind of information, because we can’t know it for sure. So how do you know this is the truth? How do we deal with that in reality? Clearly.
Confusing for the mind, isn’t it? The heart can kind of get it.

Mira: Oh God, I absolutely love this subject, then you and I can do a whole different interview just to on time , because I’ve written so much about in “Beyond Past Lives” in the book. There’s so much I could say about time. But for now, I can simply say to people that it’s the very same idea that quantum physicists share with us, as well as spiritual teachers telling us that everything is unfolding simultaneously.

Lilou: Yeah. It was more on the soul being created and at the same time being eternal, that part, like “How do we know that that’s the truth”, but as you say, this is related to time.

Mira: Yeah, yeah. That’s really where the explanation lies. And so, Serena described to me this extraordinary process that there is simply a knowing in “all that is” that a specific soul is needed. And Lilou, I heard this, and I was amazed, because I realized “Oh my God”, this means that each one of us before we were created, we were wanted. Our worth, our value was known before we came into being. So, how silly of us to sit and invalidate ourselves and say “Oh poor me, what do I have to offer to the world? What’s my worth anyway?” right, because, that’s really the challenge with knowing our worth and trusting our worth is really the biggest, the core of every issue that we have. And yet, if we only knew how loved we are, how desired we are before we even created, then we allow ourselves to start living from that place and saying “Okay, there’s actually real value and worth to what I have”, and there’s really no one-sided coins anywhere. If I have something to offer and give to the world, then there’s definitely somebody who needs it and wants it.

Lilou: There is not one thing, sorry. So there is no one thing that we’re meant to do, it’s more a way of being.

Mira: So going back to our purpose, it’s really about being ourselves. So, I have this job or you can call it a profession now right, of regressing people, yet, I don’t see that to be my purpose. That’s simply one expression of my purpose, right. Because the expression of my essence, my energy takes so many different forms. For example, writing this book was one expression of my purpose. One way of serving the world. Doing this interview right now with you is one way of serving and bringing the joy of what excites me out into the world. Another one is seeing clients, another one is giving talks.

Lilou: If you’re a mom, it would be to be a mom.

Mira: Absolutely. So really, if you have a desire that moves you, that’s excellent. You’re already living it, right. Allow for that to move you and to show you the way. For those of you who are doubting and questioning, here’s a good way to start. A good way to do this is to simply, to find your purpose, right, to become aware of it, is to ask yourself “What is it that I love doing that can take hours and I just become so lost in time” and all of a sudden I say “What, gosh, I didn’t have dinner, what happened?” or “How did time fly by?”. In other words, that feeling of being so drawn, so excited by something. Or, think about the things that you love to do, but you’re not quite sure how to make money off them yet, right. And there in your mind, it’s not quite certain how can you translate into a job.
So consider those things that you love doing but somehow have not upgraded in your head as things that you can really do full-time.

Lilou: That’s interesting, this upgrade. Because sometimes we feel like there’s this disconnect, there’s this kid inside of us or there’s little kid that had got hurt along the way, you know, and then he’s reacting to things, that he’s unsure and all that. When there’s this adult really walking life so, you know, is that part of the life regression or some other techniques to kind of grow this kid inside and … so that we are fully adults.

Mira: Yeah, absolutely. Yes. To bring the wholeness of who you are into oneness, in other words, bring all these pieces of our self into one. And when you do that, you really start acting from a place, of really allowing your essence and your energy to flow freely in an uninhibited way. And I can hear people, right. I can just hear people saying “Okay, I love baking cookies”, “I love taking pictures”, “I love spending time with kids and teaching them things”. But how is that gonna, you know pay the rent? Because Lilou, that was my biggest hang up. When I was becoming aware within myself that regression is the way for me to go, that I really love doing this work. I was realizing at the same time that, you know, I’m making this excellent salary as attorney, how am I gonna pay my student loans, how am I gonna pay my bills, how am I gonna pay my rent. And so, that was my biggest challenge because I believed that healers don’t make money. And so I realized one day…

Lilou: And if you’re a healer and you make money “You’re such a bad person. How can you do this because you received this gift of God. You shouldn’t charge any money Mira. This is not right”.

Mira: I had to deal with this as well. Absolutely. This was the next belief that popped up for me. When I actually started seeing clients, absolutely. And so, I realized that for a while there, this is the conversation I was having with God, I was saying “God, please show me the money in my bank account, right, and then I will trust you”. “Show me the list, the waiting list of a year so that I know I’m gonna have clients, so that I know I’m gonna have the stability and the certainty”.

Lilou: I need evidence. I need proof, before I move forward.

Mira: Absolutely. That’s exactly what I was saying. And I realized that I was doing it backwards. I realized that I was saying “First, I gotta see out in the world, and then I’m gonna trust it”. And then one day, I said to myself, “Mira, you’re never gonna see it in the world before you trust it. First you gotta believe it for yourself and then, you’re going to create that out into the world and see it outside”. Because it’s truly our beliefs that are the blueprint with which we create experiences in our reality. And so, then I decided to actually start cleaning out my beliefs. What do I believe about money, what do I believe about doing this work, right, what will my parents say, what will the world say, can I walk away from something I worked so hard for, and of course, money, right.

Lilou: How did you do that process? What was your, what was the exercises or the tips that you would have if someone want to do those right now?

Mira: Yeah. Yes, I walk people through these exercises in “Beyond Past Lives” because I believe that becoming aware is really the most important thing in any moment. Becoming aware of your limitations, not so much limitations as how much you can do but what you believe you can do. And so, it’s really about asking yourself “What do I believe about the situation”, “What do I believe is possible for me”, “What do I believe so that I feel this way”, and just sit down and journal. It’s really that simple. Sit down and answer these things, because beliefs are so tricky. They make you think that they’re actually reality as opposed to the assumption about the way reality is.

Lilou: It’s interesting when we start to do past life regression or just even journaling, once we are conscious about something, it kind of that thing, not disappears but it’s into our awareness and it can change our life.

Mira: Absolutely, and it becomes a choice because now you’re not oblivious to it, right. You cannot anymore, any longer say “Mmm, I don’t know, I don’t see it” even though it’s right there, right by your, with blinders and you’re pretending not to see it. So it becomes a choice. And then, most people actually get themselves into such an uncomfortable place that they say “It’s so uncomfortable being this person and pretending and living this fake life, and getting up every the morning, and having such a drudgery that “I’m gonna leap, I’m gonna leap, I’m gonna make this choice”. And uhm, I’m here to tell you “You don’t have to struggle and suffer for so long, for so many years”, you can do this right now, right. You can right now, sit down and examine your beliefs and see for yourself what is holding you back from living what excites you, from living what your joy and your passion is pulling you towards.
And then, I also love being able to guide people through regression, so that they can see how they have lived fulfilling, purposeful, meaningful lives in other times.

Lilou: So if you want to do that with Mira, you have to get about 4 hours of your time, on the side, I know, because I did it with her, and you’re just gonna put 4 hours on this side, and then you see yourself in some crazy space and you see yourself in other lives or not. I mean, that’s another conversation but, to me, there’s also a portion of imagination and you’ll never know what’s real, what’s not real. But surprising, the images and the suffering that you feel in there and how really deep and kind of theatrical it is.

Mira: It become, it’s very emotional. And that’s why I love regression work because no other modality can actually make you feel and know and understand the bigger picture of your soul. And you walk out of a regression saying to yourself “Oh, I know what it feels like to die with all that sadness in your heart” that you didn’t fulfill your purpose, that you weren’t able to reach people, that you weren’t able to speak up. And so, it really becomes a choice.

Lilou: I have a question because I was in Switzerland actually, interviewing Dr. Schaller and he does also past life regression. But you were saying something to the extent that we need to kind of liberate that old soul too, and there’s this little ritual too that would be good to incorporate, so that it unfreezes, and we kind of take that soul and free it up, so it’s really definitely free. Do you think, it frees itself up? The story frees itself for a life to become better just by seeing it or there’s a bit more work after it to do?

Mira: No, there really is no need for work afterwards. The story itself of the life that you experiences, really adjusts itself on the back of your mind without you needing to do anything else. And it empowers you, that’s what I love about regression work; it really empowers you to say “You know, I’m a different person in this life. I give myself permission to do differently and to act differently”. And what happens afterwards is you really start understanding how important it is that you allow yourself to be who you are in every moment.

Lilou: And trust. We need to get into the trust part now, don’t we, in this conversation?

Mira: Yes. Absolutely. Let’s talk about trust because, it’s such an important recipe, part of the recipe, right. Because once you start realizing what you’re path is, once you start knowing your joy, once you clean up your beliefs about what is possible for you and how you can live your life differently, now you have to start trusting what comes up because these instincts will be speaking to you. And you will get these instincts as moments of joy, moments of excitement, moments of somebody saying something, moments of things speaking to you, and it’s really the energy of your higher-self, the energy of that bigger part of you, of your soul, that is speaking to you and is giving you the way. And if you don’t follow it, what’s the point in getting the message, right.

And trust is such an interesting thing for us because we say “I don’t know how to trust. I need to learn how to trust”. So, in a way we create more work for ourselves, you know Lilou. We say “Okay, now on top of everything else, now I gotta know how to trust”. And I want to offer a redefinition to people; I want to tell them that, you already know how to trust. It’s already something that exists within your consciousness. Because let me tell you, as a soul, you’re so powerful, you create worlds in an instant. And yet, you choose to learn these lessons right, in the human physical lifetime, so you leave so much of yourself behind. You forget about your power, you forget about how loved you are. And you limit yourself and come in to life with so little, and yet, you do it because you trust it’s gonna be okay, you trust you’re gonna be learning. You trust that, once this life is over, you’re gonna come back to the truth of who you are. So trust is already there. You don’t need to work on it.
But here’s what you need to work on. You got to choose what you want to trust in. So it’s not about learning to trust, you just got to choose what you want to trust in. And once you allow yourself to see things, for example, for me, once I understood my beliefs about money and about healers not being able to make money with the good work that they do in the world, I said to myself “Well, what do I choose to trust in now”, and I chose to trust that, you know, that it is possible to make money as a healer. So that was a choice and I started trusting that. And guess what, the world showed up and started supporting me.

Lilou: I love, I love the sentence you know, that “The universe rises to meet you”.

Mira: Yes, I love it too. Isn’t it extraordinary? Because it really does, and, so here is a mantra I created for myself, “I trust myself, I trust my life and I trust the universe or all that is”, replace the word whatever works for you, right. So please, take this mantra, make it your own. “I trust myself, I trust my life and I trust the universe”

Lilou: “I trust myself, I trust my life and I trust the universe”

Mira: And it’s so simple because, when you trust yourself, you start trusting your instincts, your impulses, you intuition. When you trust your life, you trust the bigger picture. You know that everything will be there to meet you. You know that there’s a bigger reason for everything, right, you trust how everything comes together. And when you start saying, “I trust the universe”, what you’re doing is, you’re trusting everything coming to support you rushing in to meet you. Because you’re taking a little step forward and the universe is saying “You’re ready, I’m gonna give you more”.

Lilou: There is a little gift here for everyone, because you have on your website, you have this meditation, this trust meditation that is free. We love free, free loves us, oh my God. So tell us about it.

Mira: It’s an extraordinary meditation. So what people have to do is go to my website, it’s just my name, and they will see right on the top of the very first page. They will be able to download the meditation. And this meditation, when I say extraordinary, Lilou, I’m not exaggerating because I created it, thousands and thousands of people have downloaded it by now, and I have heard really such positive feedback on how it has been transformative and helpful for people. So, go on my website, get the trust meditation and allow yourself to move into a place of trusting yourself, trusting your life and trusting the universe.

Lilou: When do you recommend to do this meditation and how?

Mira: Anytime, It’s a 20 minute meditation so, if you don’t have time in the morning, do it while you brush your teeth and get ready for the day.

Lilou: Can we meditate while we’re brushing our teeth?

Mira: Because you know, the messages are sinking in, absolutely. Absolutely, because it’s better than nothing, right, it’s better than nothing. If you have the 20 minutes before you start your day, absolutely, it will be so much more powerful. If you want to do it at night before you fall asleep, go for it. But, it’s better than nothing. That’s why you know, if you’re doing it while you chop vegetables and make dinner, better than nothing, because the messages sink in, they reinforce themselves. And at the end of the day, that’s all you want.

Lilou: Well thank you so much Mira for this delicious interview, and if have liked it, my delicious cook readers, please share it online, on all social networks because these are the conversation that feels good and change our lives. Oh my God, thank you so much Mira. And your book, I can’t wait to read it “Beyond Past Lives”, I love the blue color.

Mira: I love it too. I know you’re gonna love it. I know you’re gonna love the book.

Lilou: I’m gonna read it back on the plane from New York City to France.

Mira: Yes. And also I look forward to connecting with people that can connect with me on Facebook, or through my website. I do a whole lot of workshops all over the country, and of course, I do personal sessions and people can work with me over the phone or Skype or in person like you know. Yes, so, I look forward to connecting with people and continuing this good work that you and I are doing.

Lilou: Thank you Mira and thank you all delicious co-creators out there, we love you. We send you many blessings and have a beautiful, magnificent day. You are loved. Bye.