Children’s Past Lives

Have you seen my interview on Mama Glow? Here is an excerpt:

Is it common for children to talk about past lives?

It is very common. Children often speak of other incarnations. Sometimes, as with James Leininger who remembered life as an American fighter pilot who died in combat in World War II, these memories come up in dreams, often nightmares. Other children may experience a spontaneous recall. They can tell a short vignette about something that happened to them in another life.

How should parents respond to stories their children share about past lives?

Simply listen and ask open-ended questions. The worst thing a parent could do would be to dismiss what their child is sharing, deny its validity or tell them to never talk about these things again.

How would a parent know if their child is having a past life memory or making up a story?

There is a different quality to the stories told from other lives. They come out of the blue and sound like bizarre, uncomfortable things for the child to say. Also, they are usually told very much as a matter of fact. Their sharing is not up for a discussion – it is simply a statement the child is making.

Do you believe babies or children remember their pre-birth state?

One day, a father was driving with his little girl was in the back seat. Out of the blue, she said, “Daddy, I used to be an angel and God send me to you to watch over you.” Hearing this shook him to his core. He told me that he felt as if time had stopped. He knew she was not speaking metaphorically. Little children have not been fully trained in the ability to see only what the material world affirms as real. They are still very much aware of the world of Spirit and of the divinity of their soul.

How can one find out about the past lives of their child?

At a time when they are calmly sitting around with you, simply ask them who they were before they came to you. Ask them if they had any other mommies or daddies. Ask them why they came to you and ask them what it was like when they were in your belly. Trust your intuition, imagination and ask. The answers may surprise and delight you.

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Have your children spoken to you about their past lives? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.