Praise 2

“Mira said that every experience is different, depending on the person. That each regression she guides is unique in its scents and sights, moments and meanings – unique in what you will see and experience and the purpose the higher self has in revealing the details of each regression. So I can’t tell you specifically what a regression will hold for you, but I can tell you that it will be a gift that holds understanding as you have never known it.

I went into the experience very open, but also skeptical – not about Mira and her expertise, but of my capacity. I wasn’t sure that I – with the highest level of guidance – would be capable of grasping something so outside the boundaries of everyday understanding. But I was wrong. Mira’s kind and knowing intuition capably guided us both through two vividly detailed regression sessions and left me knowing things about my soul that I would have never imagined – but which now seem so obvious.

After working with Mira and exploring five previous lives, I have an acute awareness and renewed sensitivity to the way that life is connected and interconnected. Through regression, you experience your life energy in different forms – specific men and women, and animals through time – and sense the love and anger, peace and anxiety, struggles and successes you experienced within different life stories. And with Mira’s guidance, you explore the meanings of the various moments and how they have shaped and sometimes continuously affect your present life’s purpose. It is an experience through time and space to better understand your own self.

But it is also bigger than that. I couldn’t put my finger on it for weeks and I certainly couldn’t find the words to explain this larger understanding which was had quietly crept into my being during my work with Mira. Beyond understanding my own self with such a new clarity – with details from past relationships or explanations of lifelong struggles – the experience of regressing through past lives leaves you with a quiet peace. After my second regression, a close friend asked me if I was ever scared. “No.” I told her with a confident honesty. Nothing about it for me was scary or awkward or uncomfortable. But for me it was intensely emotional, because I experienced a depth of connection I have merely sensed in my present life. You might call it God or the universe, the oversoul, or love. Whatever you call it – it’s real and all around us. This experience was like a correction of my vision. I see this bigger connection all around me and in me. And that is a gift.

Love to you, Mira.”