Praise 3

“Having read the works of both Dr. Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon early on in life, I was more than pleased when I synchronistically crossed path with Mira while attending a seminar on another topic altogether. A couple months later I met with Mira in New York for a past life regression.

Much happened during our session, and I experienced a range discoveries and emotions, but the one thing that was the most important for me was an elation I felt when I discovered that I had within me the ability to fill any lack I was experiencing from within myself. Allow me to explain. All my life, 49 years, I have felt this emptiness inside me that I believed was caused by parents who were not able to love me the way I needed to be loved. I thought that this emptiness was something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life because the person I needed the most love from, my mother, is no longer living. During the session with Mira, I was able to find the source of this missing love right inside of me, and I started to cry as I felt the deep stream of love resonate through my whole body. I became elated.

The interesting thing is that throughout my life I would on occasion tap into this loving resource state in dreams, but would quickly dismiss it as wishful thinking, sort of like the feeling we get in dreams when we’re flying where upon awakening we don’t want to dream to end. I always believed that the love I was searching for and missed was something that I would never know because I wasn’t given the experience of it in real life, so when I did get glimpses of it I dismissed it.

But as I lay on Mira’s couch as she directed me, I realized that I already had all that love right inside me, and I recognized it immediately when I felt it because I was getting glimpses of it all my life. It was truly life changing. I remember the feeling distinctly when I felt this light come through my chest and it warmed my whole body like an electric blanket but better because with the light I also experienced profound peace.

Since that day I no longer feel as though I am missing anything. Past resentments have disappeared from my life and my relationships with certain family members changed because of it. Sometimes I don’t recognize myself when I become aware of my behaviors around other people. My father never used to look into my eyes when we greet, and now he does. I feel this sense of calm and knowing that we are all part of something greater than our everyday lives and that love abounds.

What I realized from working with Mira is that we are compartmentalized in our thinking because we believe that all events in life are linear, happening one after the other. Or at least that is my interpretation of it. Mira teaches that all experiences are simultaneous and all experiences are available to us all at once. I remember wondering during the train ride home if we had access to all our talents from all our lives, and how awesome that would be to learn on to tap into them.

Mira is an extraordinary person with a lot of love in her heart. You immediately become comfortable in her presence. She also recorded our session on her laptop and sent me the file electronically so I could listen to it again. I highly recommend that anyone try this type of therapy if they want to try something different. Mira is also an attorney having worked in New York City, and having firsthand experience with issues that people deal with, which makes working with her that much more interesting and grounding. She takes her regression work as seriously as she did her work as an attorney. I am glad that she left law to pursue this work instead. I know she will help a lot of people improve their lives. Much love to you, Mira.”