Mario’s Regression

Mario’s Regression: Life Does Not Need To Be Hard

Mario found himself in a crowded chamber in an ancient time in the Middle East. He was among a group of people who were having and audience with the king of that land. There were servants on both sides of the path leading to the steps of the king’s throne. An adviser was whispering something to the king. Meanwhile the crowd was anxiously awaiting the verdict of what would happen to them.

An important decision was to be made. The people in the crowd were refugees who sought to settle in the land of the king. The king rose from his throne, walked down the steps and said:

“Anan shatlan temuk.”

It was not a language they understood and no one knew what the king said. They were all murmuring nervously amongst each other. Soldiers surrounded them and the refugees were scared that they would kill them. However, their lives were spared and they were allowed to settle in the outskirts of the town in a separate, designated area where the land was not fertile. Not much grew there and they mostly raised animals to survive. It was hard living. I asked Mario to go into his house and see where he lives. Tears began rolling down his eyes.

M: My mom is telling me … I am a girl by the way, teenage girl. I came home and my mother is telling me how hard life is. Always is and always will be for us. She loves me very much and she is telling me that life is always hard for us wherever we go. And I believe her. I listen to her and I nod. I agree. We have to work so hard.

R: Is she distressed? Does she have a heavy burden on her heart?

M: No. She is not distressed. She is just telling me how it is for us. This is our lot in life.

The girl accepted these statements without questioning. She was experiencing it and seeing it with her own eyes and she never questioned her mother’s attitude.

M: Our lives are really hard. They always are. They always will be.

The girl was an only child.

R: How does your mom call you?

M: Anash.

R: And how do you call your mom?

M: Lilia. She is my mom. She is my current mother. She is a lot tougher in this [the ancient] life than she is now but she is the same soul.

Her father was a tall, balding man who had a beard. The skin of the father was lighter and he looked different than the girl and her mother. He was her second father. One day, soldiers came and killed the father with spears right in front of their house. The mother must have suspected that something could happen because when the solders came she was very organized and quickly hid her daughter inside the house. He had stolen something the mother knew about. The mother was not that sad when her husband passed away.

M: The significance of this event is not my father’s death but my mother’s reaction to it. It confirmed everything that she believed in and has taught me – that life is pain and suffering. That is our lot in life. And that is what my mother still tells me today.

The girl got married to a younger man who lived in the town. The older folks refused to integrate but the younger people from Anash’s tribe over the years slowly integrated into the town by marrying and working there.

R: Do you visit your mother often?

M: Yes. I bring her oranges.

Tears rolled down Mario’s eyes and his voice betrayed the emotions he felt. She was often able to sneak away flat round pieces of bread and oranges and bring them to her mother. Anash’s husband was not well off but he was a miller, which gave them a stable access to food. Life was a little better for Anash now. The house she lived in was an actual house. It was not a tent or a shack it was an actual home. There was still no money, or very little but Anash had access to food. He was a Jew and even thought he too was part of a minority group Jews were more integrated in the society than Anash’s tribe. Mario, as Anash, began saying things in another language and said, “There is all these Hebrew words I know now.”

The next important moment in Anash’s life was the death of her mother.

M: My mother is old. She is old and sick. I am touching her face. She is dying. I am saying that I love her. She is weak. She is bony… I was very close with her.

R: How do you feel?

M: I feel very, very upset. I just feel like she was right – that life is so hard.

The subconscious told us that Mario needed to see this lifetime in order to understand the perception of life being a struggle because he continues to believe that life is difficult. Life is not all pain and suffering. Changes happen in ways one could never predict. Things happen in ways one could never expect. And this is a very important lesson for both Mario and his mother to learn. She continues to believe really deeply that life is a struggle and her religious believes and everything else in her life confirms that perception. Life is full of potential. Miracles do happen and they both need to know that.

In this life, Mario grew up hearing from his mother the very same thing she taught him when they were previously known as Lilia and Anash. She perceives everything as a problem, nothing works out for her even though through the eyes of an outsider she has a great life. Mario carried the same attitude in him and while describing the difficulties he was met with he really spoke of his life as something that needed to be constantly fought and survived and he often used the word “struggle.” This attitude that life is a battlefield had spilled in every corner of his life – his career, his finances, his relationships and his creative expression as an artist. That belief was the foundation of why he attached to negativity and constantly worried that things were out of his control.

After our session, Mario chose to dissociate from the belief of life as a struggle. He realized that the circumstances that created the belief do not exist in his life, that he is a different person now. He realized that he has the power to choose and that he does not need to perceive the world through his mother’s eyes. He chose to be grateful for everything good that he is given instead of ignoring it and focusing on what is wrong. To support his new vision every day he writes a positive though on a sticky note and places it on his computer so that the intent of it carries him through the day.

It has been a week now since our regression. From speaking with Mario I see that the shift in him is permanent. The understanding that our session brought him freed him from the need to recreate constant struggle in his life. Just like his higher self said, life is full of potential and miracles do happen.

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