Mira Kelley: From Lawyer To Past Life Regressions

Mira Kelley on Lilou's Juicy Living Tour
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Transcript of Interview:

Mira Kelley: from lawyer to past life regressions

Lilou: Hello Mira.

Mira: Hi Lilou how are you?

Lilou: Good. Exciting to see you on Skype after everything that I’ve heard of you from Wayne Dyer.

Mira: Thank you so much it’s really wonderful to be speaking with you.

Lilou: Well I’m excited because each time he introduces me to someone and says, “Lilou you’ve got to interview this person.” Then I really really pay attention because as a lot of people know Dr. Wayne Dyer is this international bestselling author who is around the world and really walks the talk. He is an amazing being I really enjoyed seeing him each time and he walks the talk and practices each book, each new book and I know you had the chance to meet him, you went to him. You used to be a lawyer and now you are doing those past life regressions those meditations I’ve been enjoying them too, tell us how did you meet Wayne and how did all this open up to now live the life that you are living.

Mira: Absolutely, it’s been an incredible adventure! Just like you said I used to be a corporate lawyer, I used to practice corporate law here in New York City and I really had a moment of intuition saying that I need to reach out to Wayne Dyer and share with him the past life regression sessions that I do, and I did I wrote him a letter you know I forgot about it because it was just one of those things that you do, and of course you know my mind was saying, I don’t want to be doing this why would Wayne Dyer respond to me and there are so many healers around him. What was going on at the time is he was doing a trip called Experiencing the Miraculous and I was speaking with a friend and my friend shared with me that that’s the trip that Wayne Dyer is doing and my intuition caught on the word miraculous, you know I thought for a second there was this feeling of, wow he’s ready for a miracle. My feeling was he’s ready for the miracle of healing because I was aware at that time he had leukemia, he had shared that he had leukemia. My friend, I shared the regression sessions that I do there is a possibility of healing you know, incredible opportunity for healing through these sessions, and my friend encouraged me to reach out to Wayne Dyer and my reaction was no, you know my reaction was absolutely not! Why would Wayne Dyer want to work with me, and also like I said I’m sure there is an amazing amount of healers and light workers around him and the intuition persisted, there was this feeling of you have to do this and again my mind was thinking, no absolutely not! It took me quite a while and then one day I said to myself, “you know what if this is meant to be something meaningful and for me to serve him in any way I’m just going to allow for it.” I wrote a letter like I said to you and I mailed it out and really forgot about it because I had nothing beyond that other than being of service in that moment of intuition. A month later I received a phone call from him and from there on we started speaking and we agreed to have a session and mean while I shared with him Anita Moorjani’s story and I was very happy that he feel in love with the story just like I did.

Lilou: We’re connecting the dots now, okay.

Mira: Yes now you see the big picture right?

Lilou: Yes.

Mira: And of course he shared the story with Hay House, with his publisher and they loved it so much that they reached out to Anita and of course now Anita is serving the world in such an incredible ways.

Lilou: So wonderful how when we follow our intuition all the goodies that comes with it.

Mira: It’s incredible, it’s always incredible!

Lilou: You were a lawyer and doing past life regressions at the same time?

Mira: Yes that’s really what happened to me. I was introduced to the idea of past life regressions when I was thirteen years old, I actually did a regression of my own and it was an amazing, incredible, very powerful experience for me and then I continued to be interested in this information but really had a normal childhood and then went onto college and went on to law school and became a lawyer, and I was already working as a lawyer when I had some physical condition happen to me, after a year of living with pain and having no way out, my dentist suggested to me that I even need to learn to live with it or have an operation. The operation he described to me entailed breaking my jaw and reattaching it back with wires and the condition I had is call TMJ it’s really just clenching of the muscles of the jaw, that did not sound good right, why would you break something that’s not broken. How would breaking the jaw help the muscles relax so I was really desperate for a solution and that’s when I remembered the past life regression I did when I was little and in my mind there was this moment of, maybe that will help, maybe that’s the miracle I’m looking for. I very quickly found a practitioner in New York City and I had two sessions with the woman, really the first session I didn’t see anything you know I just didn’t experience anything. During my second session with her I had a very brief but very vivid experience of myself as a slave who had this big metal collar right here on my neck with manacles, calf metal around my wrist and ankles and a big chain connecting all five of them and there was this feeling of incredible powerlessness, incredible feeling of my spirit being broken and also the manacle that was right here around my neck was rubbing constantly right where my pain was at that time. It was such a powerful, cathartic experience for me and I spent the rest of the day crying and the next morning I woke up and the pain was gone, it was the most amazing incredible thing. When I visited my dentist he didn’t know what to make out of it he just said we’d call my healing a miracle not knowing what to make out of it. That was the experience from there on I knew that the power these session hold of transformation of emotional and physical healing. From there on I started doing everything I could.

Lilou: For how long were you still a lawyer and doing those past life regressions with clients? How long did it take you to fully step into, in the real work?

Mira: It’s really a very good question that you are asking me because you see it took me a few years and during those few years it was really a very interesting process because I was learning more and I was regressing everybody I could you know I was reading every book I could. Every friend and every family member whenever they would share there is an issue my reaction would always be, “well let’s do a past life regression.” Because I know this works and of course then afterwards I realized this is something that I’m so passionate about and I love it so much that I wanted to bring this to more and more people so naturally I thought to myself, “well I’m already doing this anyway, I already feel that I know what I’m doing but let me go and study with people with teachers so that at least in the eyes of others have a little more credibility right. Meanwhile what was also going on was my belief, realignment of I can be supported by this work because you know this is a major moment that healers go through, right people who step into their passion. Really not just healers, really everybody who follows their heart and does that which feels very good to them, you know stepping into the moment of I can really be the truth of who I am and have the universe support me.

Lilou: Beautiful! So to go back into the past life regression and how that works from the simple recalling that memory and that lifetime it automatically heals? How do you explain that?

Mira: Automatically is a good way to describe it. Because what happens is, people experience these stories, people experience these feelings, these visions, these stories that go through their mind by connecting with the story of that lifetime it really allows for a bigger understanding of what is going on, a bigger learning, a bigger connection of the information and it’s really incredible how everything just aligns itself and then the person says now I know differently, now I know better, now I’m willing to transform and to do things differently. And sometimes it doesn’t even need to be a conscious understanding, just like with my case when I shared the story with you of me doing this regression and seeing myself as a slave I didn’t really consciously put what was going on in my life at that time as Mira, I didn’t consciously connect with what the slave was experiencing. Honestly for me it was just a moment of crying you know and feelings of emotions and yet somehow it all got arranged in my mind.

Lilou: Wow that’s amazing! Do you feel that, I saw this video with you and Wayne on stage at the conference in Vancouver so you think it’s all happening at the same time? Time and space all collapse?

Mira: Thank you so much for bringing this up, I have to tell you my very first client who I had outside of my circle of family and friends brought this incredible understanding and learning to me and you see when a moment ago you were asking me how long it took me to step into this work, by having this session it makes me realize now looking back that spirit never doubted me source always knew that I was the person who could do all this it was just me believing in it and in myself and stepping in, and by seeing the expression on your face I can see that you know what I’m talking about, and this first client experienced six lifetimes all of them going on pretty much at the same time frame about one-hundred year period lifetimes and all six of them were overlapping each other. It was really an incredible, incredible experience for me and I actually shared these sessions in a book, I have a book coming out next year and it’s on parallel lives and I shared that kind of a learning that came through him and what was described to me was that really time works as a linear time for us here on earth because it allows for us to experience creation and allows for us to experience and process in a different way, so we think of time as linear, one thing following after another. But on the spirit side on the dimensions of existence outside of ours it’s really simultaneous. You can think of it as rather than one line, you can think of it as lines that overlap on top of each other you know just one on top of another, and that’s how lives exist really everything is the same one moment so the information is always there, so what people think of as future lives, and present lives, and past lives are all happening at the same time and this person that I’m telling you about, this guy experienced some of them were lifetimes that continue into the future, he has a self that is still alive in his hundreds is ninety something and is going to die in 2020 so you know there is this understanding that really everything is out there it’s just a matter of connecting to it the learning is there for us to bring it into our lives.

Lilou: Would you say by healing some of those past lives you were able to actually jump into the best possibility or since there is different life lines running at the same time and so many possibilities are offered to us but sometimes we choose a certain path that our past or past life kind of dictate us but do you feel that you have really now kind of liberated yourself to choose that high path or the path of your higher self?

Mira: You know it’s really very interesting what you are asking, I had a session with a woman who experienced a lifetime where the man that she was was really very unhappy and miserable and as she was describing the story to me as that man he couldn’t find the switch you know he couldn’t flip the switch he just didn’t know how to make his life better, he didn’t know how to reach for that place of positive living. Afterwards she and I were speaking about this lifetime and I said to her, “you know you can speak to him you are connected with him in your moments of meditation you can connect with him and flip the switch for him.” She had this moment of realizing and saying, “This is incredible; this is so true because in my human mind I just thought that this is the only version of that story, that’s the only version of that lifetime, but I could be the influence that brings him that healing and understanding.” Because we are connected with our other selves right, and we can bring that positive moments of emotion and healing and I could be the one flipping the switch for him. I have clients who have experienced several different versions of the same lifetime, and I myself have experienced that too because you see in any moment we make a choice, in that moment there are many different possibilities that the soul could experience, you see because we could be standing at a crossroad, let’s say marry a person or not marry a person right and our life would be so very different if we continue to date them or if we marry them or if we just part ways, and all these possibilities exist and from there on they are all developed, and from there on each one of those possibilities has its own choices. When you think about it this is really a very novel way of thinking about lives and thinking about the moments of existence and it’s also very empowering not only in terms of the work of healing other lives but also in terms of knowing that each moment we have a choice and the possibilities are endless for us as the people who we are today and we are literally never caught in situations where there is no way out, there is always a better possibility.

Lilou: It’s exciting and I can feel your passion and your total alignment with this, I really truly love and my life calling is just really bumping into people like you and sharing that because it really fuels the planet so thank you for having the courage to step into that light. I’m very excited to learn about when we heal ourselves like that how it transforms other people and loved ones and family members by just healing that then we heal them too. Isn’t that wonderful!

Mira: It’s really incredible while you were speaking I remember two very recent cases of two women who had sessions with me, they were two separate cases. Let me tell you about the first one, what happens during the past life regressions that I do, during the sessions that I do, I bring people not only to experience other lifetimes they have lived but I also bring them to a place where they expand their energy and connect with the energy of their higher self, the energy of their guides, the energy of their teachers, really the energy of source and that moment the door is open to incredible possibilities of light, love, and healing. I had a session with a woman who wanted to bring her mom really to meet with me and her mom was diagnosed with a very long list of conditions and the most painful one was pancreatic cancer and however the mom was very skeptical and very negative and she was saying,” no, no I don’t want to do this.” And yet the daughter knew the possibilities of all this happening to her, you know the possibility of what could transpire and because the mom said no the daughter decided to come and have a session with me, she did and she experienced herself being taken to this place of healing where these beings were simply by waving their hands there was light and an audible sound coming out of their fingers and by moving their fingers the tissues beneath that were being healed were really being transformed and morphed into healthy tissue and organs and so on. So this being began working on her mom and on herself and it just gave answers to the questions that she had and it was really an incredible experience for her, very emotional, very touching, very vivid. I look forward to hearing how that results and the emotional healing of her and her mom and of course you know of what happens in their lives with the healing of the body as well. Just recently I heard from the other woman that I mentioned to you, she did a session with me and she came and she said, “I just met this guy and we just started dating and we really had sex for the first time just a few days ago and it was all very beautiful and very quick and he didn’t have the chance to tell me that he actually has an STD that doctors consider incurable.” And she said to me, “I’m really worried now I’m worried that I have the same issue and of course I’m worried about him.” So we did our session and she actually was joined by these angels and I asked the angels to extend healing to her boyfriend and to her and they did whatever they did and she described to me what it is that she was experiencing and there was a lot of light, a lot of love, a lot of healing and just two weeks ago she emailed me and she said, “this is incredible we went to the doctor and we have the results back and you know there is no STD they just came out fine and the virus is not in the blood anymore.” She was so overjoyed so happy. When you were saying a moment ago when you were talking about the healing of people and also those around them, it really is happening because by transforming yourself you are also healing everybody else, also there is this incredible beautiful moment and possibility of physical healing.

Lilou: I’ve been using several times the meditation and the past life regression on that CD and each time there is something that happens like I’m wondering like you know a miracle or just something that brought me to another state of consciousness, that made me react not the same way old way that I would in some situations and I wonder what’s up with that, is that your voice is that the intention in it? How is that possible through a CD? And even frankly the past regression one I even feel asleep, I just did that not so long ago and feel asleep in it but I woke up with a sense of freedom from a dream I had just made before. I was really like draining just really scary and something is just gone. I don’t know it felt all of a sudden just lift up.

Mira: I love it, I love it thank you for sharing that with me. I’m very glad you were able to listen to the meditation and to the regression and you know people experience incredible healing and I have had other people share that with me so thank you for sharing. You know what happens, what you were saying about the intent, when I was recording the meditation and the past life regression and by the way just so I mention, the name of the CD is Healing Through Past Life Regression and Beyond so those who listen to this would want to experience this for themselves, when I was recording this my intent was for the love, to project that feeling of love and healing through my voice and through my energy and through my intention when I do the recording because you see this is really what happens in moments of healing it’s not that I do anything miraculous during these sessions, what happens is my energy is such that I help people in the space of love and already perfect health and perfect emotional well being, perfect state of being so I have that sacred space for them so when people come to me it’s really for them to choose if they are going to imagine and transform right, it’s really for them to decide I’m going to rise to that energy level and energy vibration and really allow for this key for this to open the door right for this moment of healing and transformation, so this is really what you were experiencing and I’m so happy to hear that you have been feeling these shifts in you.

Lilou: Yes whether we understand it truly or not it doesn’t really matter does it? Because I have no recollection I do not know what happened but I just felt at a different plan of consciousness, that’s how best I can put it.

Mira: That’s incredible, I love it!

Lilou: Thank you for all your work. What are you up to now with all of this? Did you, has it been an evolution have you been traveling, are you putting a book out obviously?

Mira: Yes, I’m working with Hay House and putting a book out and the CD that we were talking about the regression the guided regression and meditation is just coming out so I look forward to bringing that to as many people as possible so that they experience what you have already experienced and so that everyone has their own moment of transformation and brining themselves to that next level of development and I’m of course doing sessions too so people can just reach out to me finally through my website and reach out to me and have a session with me, of course I’m traveling and speaking it’s really been amazing, incredible.

Lilou: A different life then the one you had. The lawyer life to the healer life.

Mira: Very much so, absolutely I have been incredibly blessed and you see this is what happens the moment you start trusting yourself right, you start trusting the universe. The moment you say okay I’m really going to step in and in every possible moment do as much as I can. Because when I was working as a lawyer, I didn’t believe I couldn’t have seen my life be this way, right? I wasn’t going for this I was simply going to the next thing that felt exciting and that felt right. Be it going to a seminar, be it talking to someone about the incredible things I was reading about or experiencing, in other words in every moment I was taking and doing that which felt right and of course when you follow that which feels good in every moment more comes your way right, more excitement, more energy build up and then bigger and bigger things, like you mentioned I had the opportunity to work with Wayne Dyer and when he said to me that he wanted to include the script of our session in his book I was really so touched I was really blown away because I could not have imagined it that way and from there on an amazing incredible really wave of opportunities and different things developing, but it was that moment of trusting that moment I choose to say I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m trusting, I’m following, I’m excited.

Lilou: I feel all of us, I really do feel like all of us that’s the path that’s what we are called to do now, is to step fully in our souls work. It seems like we have those two very different life’s, two very different paths, and jobs if we can say but everything is useful and everything was meant to be that way and we can be supported in our healing work because we are more or less all healers I feel in some ways, a version of it.

Mira: Absolutely yes anything we do touches another and brings something to someone else right, every moment is always perfectly orchestrated, and we are always there to serve, and I think what you are saying is absolutely on point that this is really a time for each one of us to be who we are, because you see we don’t all need to live our legal careers and go be past life regressionest some of us are blissfully happy being nurses and teachers and really doing anything that makes us feel good and makes us feel of service. But it’s really that moment of being who we are, being that perfect piece of the puzzle, being our true selves because that’s really where we belong that’s really when we fit into the big picture, that’s really when we serve humanity in our best possible way. That’s when everything else comes to us and serves us because we are our own perfect little shape and piece of the puzzle and we fit right and that’s when everything comes to us to support us and nurture us, and that’s really an amazing, and exciting, and wonderful adventure to step into who we are and trust that who we are has really been created out of love and light and support. You see this is one of the things that I’m encountering very often, people really don’t believe they deserve, people really don’t believe they were created out of a place of unconditional love and I want to share with you this story, you have interview Serena Dyer and you will be able to connect with this story. When I was out on Maui and I had my regression with Wayne Dyer I also had an opportunity to do a session with Serena, and Serena experienced a very mystical a very beautiful regression where she actually went to a plan where new souls were created and she shared with me that the place that she was describing to me was really not the only place where new souls are created there are many different dimensions and different places where souls are being created and she said to me that a new soul gets born and created because there is this moment of recognition in all that is that something is lacking that something is missing and that there is only this one particular combination of energy, this one particular being of light that can satisfy this missing. She described it this way, she said to me, “You can imagine your own body and you know sometimes your own body craves salt your body needs salt to function properly, and yet your brain necessarily doesn’t need to know why you are craving salt you are just craving something salty and you go find something salty to eat and that satisfies the need of the body to have something salty.” She said to me it’s the very same with everything in existence there is just this moment of desire where all this is to have something be brought into it so that it’s balances so that it’s perfectly aligned so that it is really all that is, because you know otherwise it’s not really all that is. And when I say, “all that is” I really mean everything because that’s what you and I think of as God, that’s really the energy you and I experience as source, so there is really this recognition that we need something so in each moment each one of us was created as souls we were brought about you know we were brought into existence out of that moment of needing out of that moment of recognition of how valuable we are, of how much value we bring, and how loved we are. So even before we were created we were already loved and I’m so glad I can share this with you because I remember when I heard Serena say this in me there was this moment of recognition of, if I could only have the whole world hear this, right if I could only have everybody understand how loved they are, how desired they are, how unconditionally loved and supported they are, we will all find ourselves in a better place you know, we all will start loving ourselves the way God, source, the universe loves us. That’s why I’m saying I’m so happy I’m able to share this with you because I know this will be brought into so many more peoples understandings and I really hope out of everything I say that this will really be the thing that stays with them the most so that everybody brings home this beautiful feeling of, oh I’m really loved, I’m really supported, I’m really treasured. The thing is that even though we find ourselves in so many places of negativity and so much limitation in our lives, that’s not really indicative of us being forgotten by God right, of us being these beings that are not supported and not being treasured, in fact it’s the exact opposite, because that unconditional love that created us