Mira Kelley on Angels Are Near Us with Linda F. Torres

Mira Kelley on Angels Are Near Us With Linda Torres
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Mira Kelley on Angels Are Near Us with Linda F. Torres

Angels, angels are near us angels bring many images in our minds they are protectors and guardians. We can feel their heavenly presence when we open and invite them into our lives. Linda Torres serves as an instrument to deliver the peace, love, and inspiration that the angels and archangels desire for each one of us. Linda reminds us that these celestial beings are here to love, light, and divinely guide us through our journey. Tune in to the angels messages and learn more on Angels Are Near Us with Linda Torres every other Monday at 8:00 pm on station 1 here at BBSradio.com. Rest assured that your angels are guiding you every minute of the way. Angels are near us.

Linda: Hello everyone good evening I’m Linda Torres your host on Angels Are Near Us here on BBSradio.com number 1 worldwide live internet radio. Thank you for tuning in tonight. My sincere intention you know is always to bring you the messages of the angels and the archangels, all the celestial beings and at this time I want to invite them to be with us. Dear angels bring in your guidance and assurance for the highest good of all. Please surround us with divine light and let only your divine truth and wisdom come through thank you guiding angels. Tonight I’m excited, I’m excited to announce our guest tonight, and her name is Mira Kelley she is a professional regressionist and let me tell you a little about Mira. I was so excited to find her, I saw an interview that she had on YouTube and then I saw her talking with Dr. Wayne Dyer so it’s been exciting for me, let me tell you a little bit about her. Mira Kelley she grew up in Bulgaria where at the age of thirteen she had a powerful regression experience so with great courage and trust in her heart Mira followed her intuition and came to the U.S. to come to college, so following her graduation from law school Mira practiced as a corporate and securities attorney in a large law firm in New York City. A painful physical condition led Mira to discover the instantaneous emotional and physical healing available through regression. Now Mira assists many people in transforming their lives through regression. Stories from Mira’s sessions are included in Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer and in Miracles Happen by Brian Weiss M.D., her website if you want to know more about Mira is www.MiraKelley.com I do want to let you all know that we will be opening the lines after the break for your questions and that number is on the BBS radio main page and we are on station 1. I want to welcome Mira Kelley to the show. Hi Mira.

Mira: Hi Linda it’s such a pleasure to be speaking with you.

Linda: Welcome to Angels Are Near Us I was so excited, we had some technical problems at the beginning but we are here.

Mira: Thank you. I’m really excited to be speaking with you as well.

Linda: Let’s start off I have so many questions I remember I was talking to you yesterday and there were so many things that would pop up into my head but first of all I know that you have so much to say so let’s just start by, how long have you been doing the past life regressions can you tell us about your personal experience?

Mira: I have to tell you it seems that regressions have been with me really for a very long time almost all my life, and for those who are not familiar with past life regressions I want to say that it’s a very beautiful process. It’s a process which allows people to connect with other lifetimes they have lived and by doing that people really gain understanding on their relationships, and physical conditions, on issues, and that understanding really allows for transformation for healing to take place in people and sometimes that is a physical healing sometimes it’s emotional healing but it’s always that feeling of seeing the bigger picture and that feeling of knowing more about yourself, so it’s a very beautiful experience.

Linda: I myself have experienced past life regression and well before telling you my experience could you tell our listeners how it works Mira? You know how can they experience these lifetimes because you may have heard that maybe a lot of people are a little scared or fearful should go and practice this or go back to a lifetime.

Mira: Sure. It’s very natural for us to connect to these lifetimes because they are ours, we are always connected with them, and for some people it’s very easy to connect with them naturally just because no one told them they cannot and they’re dreams or sometimes even just moments of meditation and deep relaxation and also we all have heard of those incredible cases of children remembering other lifetimes they have lived and so really it’s something very natural and some of us do spontaneously, for others we can use a little guidance and that’s where I come in, I’m that guide that assist people in connecting and really the process is very easy, very gentle, it’s really very much to people it feels like a guided meditation and then at a certain point I say to them, now please tell me what do you see and then the images are there, the feelings are there, the sensations are there and for those who feel a little trepidation around actually doing a regression I want to assure you that I really understand your feelings. All you are going to discover is more of yourself and that is such a beautiful thing that is such a precious adventure.

Linda: I totally agree with you it is an adventure, for me it was like you were saying in a dream state, it’s like going through a meditation, it’s very gentle, and you’re so right you discover so many things about yourself, why we’re here, and our purpose. With that I need to ask you about your story in connection with Dr. Dyer, how did you come about to meet him or I know that you felt a connection with Dr. Dyer when you meet him.

Mira: Sure, I have to tell you it was really me following the feeling of intuition and that gut feeling. Should I tell you the full story?

Linda: Tell us the full story because we’re excited I told some of my friends, I need to ask her about her relationship with Dr. Dyer, because I’ve seen him so many times and I’ve read his books he is fascinating Mira, I saw the video and we have to tell everybody the video with him is on your website so if any of our listeners want to go there and listen it’s fantastic to hear Dr. Wayne Dyer to speak with you. So tell us, yes tell us.

Mira: I was speaking with a friend, just a regular phone conversation with a friend and my friend was telling me about a trip around Europe that Wayne Dyer was doing at the time and my friend mentioned that the name of the trip was Experiencing the Miraculous. I didn’t know anything about this, this was the first time I was hearing about it and I have to tell you in that moment it was as if something spoke inside me as if that gut feeling jumped and my intuition anchored on the word miraculous, and the thought that popped into my mind was that Wayne Dyer is ready for the miracle of healing. Now I have to tell you two years right before this moment I was sitting in an audience where Wayne Dyer announced to the audience that he had Leukemia so that’s how I knew about the Leukemia that he had these are just the two events in my life that really connect with that. I shared that moment of intuition with my friend as we were speaking and my friend new about the regressions I was doing and my friend said to me, well if you have a feeling the you can be of assistance you should reach out to him. I laughed you know.

Linda: I would laugh too.

Mira: Yes because you know I was actually sitting in my office at that time. At that time I was working as a lawyer my official title was not a regressionest so that was that with my conversation with my friend and yet the feeling persisted and the feeling was, Mira you need to reach out to him and at the same time my mind was doubting and questioning and saying absolutely not, I have nothing to offer I’m a lawyer.

Linda: Yes exactly.

Mira: This lasted for about a month honestly back and forth this feeling of, there is something there and then again the feeling of, no absolutely not there are enough qualified healers around him and then one day I honestly got tired of myself so I sat down and I said okay I’m going to sit down and write this letter, and I wrote the letter and then the question became so where do I send this letter because of course I had no personal contact with Wayne Dyer what so ever and it took me half a day of research honestly I have no idea where the address came from but I did the research I was determined and then I sent the letter and I forgot about it, I honestly forgot about it. I was so relieved to not have this feeling in the back of my mind anymore and then a month later I received a phone call from Wayne Dyer and I was beyond surprised because you know I did not expect it. He and I spoke for literally two minutes, and in those two minutes I managed to say to him something about Anita Moorjani and after the phone call I sent him her story and of course the rest is history with Anita’s book coming out and into being and her book is called Dying To Be Me. For those of your listeners who haven’t read the book I really encourage you to read it it’s an incredible book of Anita’s near death experience. Afterwards Wayne Dyer and I spoke a few times and a few months later I flew out to Maui to do a past life regression with him. We had a very powerful session, it was very moving for him, and you know as he was experiencing the session, as he was going through the emotions through these feelings because that’s what happens in a past life regression you are literally becoming that other person, you literally feel these feelings it feels like it is you, as he was going through the emotions and the stories and he was crying and honestly I was crying that’s how moving it was, then I flew out back to New York and a few days later Wayne Dyer called me and he was said, I’m really moved by this session and now I would like to include the story of the session in my book Wishes Fulfilled. Honestly I couldn’t believe it because for me this was beyond what I could have ever imagined and afterwards I said to myself, this is really what I said to myself, I said Mira Wayne Dyer believes in you now it’s time for you to believe in yourself. Afterwards I just really left practicing law and that was that and from there on it’s really been a different path for me.

Linda: That was my following question because you were mentioning a corporate attorney; you were successful in this large law firm in New York City how do you take that risk? How do you take that, it’s really a leap of faith?

Mira: It really was and you see it took me six years to get to that place and that’s what I tell people it was not an easy leap of faith it took me six years to find that courage, and yet the moment I was ready everything was there to support me even Wayne Dyer was there to support me. What I tell people is when you are ready to follow your heart you don’t need to worry about jumping off a cliff without a parachute if you don’t feel that you’ll be able to make it because that was my issue, my question was how am I going to be able to support myself you know I had all these beliefs that healers don’t make enough money that only lawyers do make enough money. So it took me quite a while to work through these beliefs and really believe in myself and then the moment I was ready and mean while I was taking, I was following my excitement, my passion, my love for regression a step at a time the most I could do in every possible moment. Really I didn’t see it possible for me to just jump off a cliff and be safe and be okay but I decided I’m going to do a step at a time and that’s how it really all came together and since then I really have been living my dream every day and it’s been, I like to say this phrase, it’s been ecstatic explosion of synchronicities.

Linda: I love that you say that because exactly when you really open your heart like you’re saying you are ready in your heart, everything is presented to you. Don’t you think? It’s like the universe is saying Yes! Here is your dream; here is this person you are going to contact. And they just connect you with different things so you can just reach that goal and I love how you say that, that you are reaching your dreams and you sound so happy and so excited. I every time I hear you, I’ve seen your videos, and then I heard you speak, I say oh my gosh your an earth angel actually and you are spreading this light everyday it’s just wonderful.

Mira: Thank you. To me it feels incredibly fulfilling. I have to tell you I was really moved by your story by the past life regression story, you and I spoke of yesterday and I would love to have you share it with people because I just love that. I thought of it as such a great example of what this work is like.

Linda: It is it is a great example. I was fortunate to meet a life regressionest here in Oregon where I live in Portland and I’ve done several with her and several others I have discovered on my own because the angels have guided me like you said in meditations and in dreams. This was the first one that I did and it was very impactful and I will try not to say too much about it but when I went into this life regression you know she guides you and I can imagine you guide your clients as well but it was very calm and I brought in all my angels because I always bring in the highest good to be with me and everybody brings in their spirit guides whoever has to be there. The funny thing is that when I was going into this my grandfather appeared to me, my grandfather from my father’s side he is Mexican and I never meet my grandfather because he died when my father was only twelve years old, so when he appeared to me I saw him and said of my gosh I am able to see you and to met you, I felt so loved by him. By the way he was a lawyer he was an attorney, anyway so I was so happy to see him and I’m going through this and she’s telling me to go to this path and where are you and suddenly I open my eyes and I realize and I look at myself and I’m a nurse and I’m in World War II and I am walking and I suddenly feel that I’m supposed to help these solders of this airplane that just was shot down. But before I continue with the story, my reason for going to see this therapist was because I had so much fear of flying Mira, I couldn’t fly on planes I mean I flew when I was younger but right before I got married I couldn’t fly anymore. I would fly but with people with somebody accompanying me, like my sons I would take them with me, my mom lived in Houston at the time many years ago and she would go to Mexico City and pick me up and take me to Houston so I could go visit her. It was ridiculous; I just had this fear of flying. That’s why I did it I did because I said it’s time, this was only three years ago, I said it’s time I need to get rid of this fear, I can’t be asking all my friends to fly with me I had asked my sister to fly with me it was ridiculous, anyway so while I was there I see this airplane and it’s World War II the airplane was shot down and they indicate to me to go into the plane, whoever I was working with they were doctors and different people there but as I go into the plane I felt such sadness and that was the worst pain not to be there and to experience that but to see the pain of these young men that were dying because of the plane crash and because I had to heal them, I had to help them, and all I wanted was to help them, you know I wanted to be there for them so that was my shock when I went into this lifetime and anyway you know I suddenly recognized several of these young men that were there they were no older then nineteen, twenty years old, and I recognize them in this lifetime Mira and I know who they are and I had blessed them and I always pray for them and I think I have healed that part and I brought back with me a much wider and broader understanding of why I had this great fear, and my fear was, because she told me, as you see this plane you always have that trauma that the plane was always going to fall down and that was my trauma that I would get on the plane and it would fall down. So thank God it was a very eye opener and an experience that I will never forget. Now I have healed it and I go everywhere, in April I flew to Gangue, I flew to New York City all by myself, I came back to Oregon, I just went to Miami, I went to Los Angeles, I have been nonstop.

Mira: I love it!

Linda: But you see, you understand this right because you must see this in many other clients how you can just change that lifestyle or that block that I had.

Mira: Absolutely and you see what you experienced, for example meeting your grandfather is something that is very, sometimes people experience in sessions with me and it’s just such an incredibly moving thing to reconnect with relatives they have never meet or relatives that have passed away you know loved ones, so that in itself is such a precious experience and it’s not just unique to your case people really experience it, how people experience being on the other side, communicating with their guides, with their angels, with their loved ones, seeing what it is that people do on the other side as spirits. What you were saying about being a nurse and helping these solders is also very interesting because what happens is we often move through lifetimes together just because we create these connections, we create these experiences and then we build on those experiences you know we look for another perspective on those relationships in the present lifetime so chances are you know each one of the listeners and of course you and I love the most those that are closest to us are people we have known in many other lifetimes and you see sometime people call this love at first sight when you meet someone and you just fall in love with them and it sometimes makes me wonder is it really love at first sight or is it a soul recognition at first sight, and same thing with our relatives, with our friends.

Linda: I was going to, that was my next question I was going to ask you about before we go on break if you want to answer this one. You did mention on your website that we incarnate with the same group of souls, do you believe that it’s because we need to see them again, or there is something that we are learning? You’re saying at first sight we think, oh my gosh it’s like I’ve known you and I’ve never meet you right and it’s like I already know you or I’m falling in love with you at first sight, so is it because we recognize them?

Mira: I believe so, I really believe it’s because we recognize each other and really our physical forms change, our names change, the statues and circumstances in genders change and yet the energy is there, and there is no disputing that the connection is there.

Linda: Absolutely the soul energy the core.

Mira: Yes and I want to go back to what you were saying about the emotional healing of the flying fear. That is such a wonderful thing because you know I’ve seen such transformations under many different phobias and fears and physical ailments just as well, so I’m really happy that you had that experience because just the sharing will encourage others to look for those solutions themselves.

Linda: Absolutely. We are going to take a little break right now because I want people to call in if they have any questions for you Mira, and coming back you need to tell us about your experience because I love your experience too I read about that. Let me give those numbers out, please call in Mira Kelley is here she is a regressionest she can answer any questions you may have our numbers are 1-888-627-6008 that’s toll free or 530-413-4522, 530-413-5011 and you can find these numbers on the main page of BBSradio.com. We’ll be back in about 90 seconds.

Linda: Hello everyone this is Linda Torres and you are listening to Angels Are Near Us here on BBSradio.com our guest tonight is Mira Kelley she is a regressionest and we were just talking about our experiences having regressions. We don’t have a caller right now so Mira do you want to tell us about your experience?

Mira: Sure I would love to tell you about the first time I regressed myself. I was thirteen years old and I have to tell you for this story to make sense, I grew up in a communist country and there was really no religious education, angels were not part of my childhood God was definitely not there for me growing up. When I was nine years old communism fell as a regime and all the sudden there was such an influx of spiritual information because people were really hungry and there was very little discernment about what should be accepted and what shouldn’t. For example in one conversation people could speak about extraterrestrials and speak about the Easter service in their church, in other words there was really no difference in people’s minds it was all spirituality. I have an uncle and my uncle was reading a book on regressions actually by Brian Weiss and I was so intrigued by the book I couldn’t wait for him to finish reading the book so I could get my hands on it. I read the book and I was mesmerized, I was intrigued by these stories which Brian was sharing where people will actually have these emotional and physical transformations just by revisiting something that they are experiencing in their heads, and on the back of the book there was a script so I was so curious I wanted to do this a regression so I recorded the script on a tap because you know back then there were taps only, and as I was rewinding the tap to start playing it for myself I actually thought to myself I was thinking, but there is really nothing wrong with me, I don’t have phobias I have no illnesses I’m just fine and yet the curiosity was so big in me so I played the tap and I instantly dropped into the body of a woman who actually was during World War II living in a Nazi compound you know where the solders were. I actually was a Russian spy who was disguised as a doctor; my job was to gather information while healing all these Nazi solders and officers and so on and one of my patients was a very important Nazi general and actually I have received orders to kill him rather then heal him, there was this vivid scene which I experienced where I was honestly just about to pour the poison into his glass, of course he was thinking I was giving him a medication and I remember looking up and every fiber in my being felt like this was wrong this was not right and yet I felt so trapped I felt like I had no other choice I really felt cornered I really felt like I was doing the right thing you know the morally right thing by serving my country and by trying to eradicate this evil even just by killing this one person you know the Nazi evil, so sure enough the man got poisoned and the next scene I saw is how all these officers all these solders were chasing after me and I was looking to escape and of course they caught me and I was actually executed on the electric chair. I have to tell you as a thirteen year old the time of World War II seemed like time of antiquity to me alright, so obviously a part of my mind was saying how could there be electric chairs in World War II in the 1940’s to me it seemed like such a modern thing and that such a time of antiquity, so when my mom came home that night from work I shared what I have done and I share the story and I ask her, “Mom did they have electric chairs?”
And she said, “yes they did.” That’s all the research I honestly did, honestly for the next ten or fifteen years I kept on sharing this story with friends and yet I never doubted it, in other words I never needed to go and confirm with the history books if this was really true and then I was somewhere in my mid twenties and I was telling the story yet again to a friend and my friend said, “well have you tried to research?” and I was like, “well you know what I should try.” I’m saying this to tell people how these experiences they feel so real that there is really nothing that outside of you can shake you and tell you that this was invalid.

Linda: Absolutely.

Mira: Just because it feels real, and even if your mind is saying, “but wait what if I imagined this?” right like I was thinking how could there be eclectic chairs, I always tell people, “you know what let it be, let it be so.” Because sometimes it is so gratifying when clients can actually do the research after having sessions with me and they come back with all of this proof you know and they say, “look isn’t this exciting!” Of course there are stories where there is simply no confirmation just because the story is such that we really go on the basis of feelings and that’s when I tell people, “don’t worry about the validity of it, and just tell me did it feel real to you? How does it feel, does it make you feel that you understand better, does it feel that it fits into the details of who you are and does it make sense as to the person who you are today?” The answer is actually always, yes it does. It’s really this kind of healing that really takes place inside people, you really cannot put your finger on it, and yet the subconscious mind always arranges everything so perfectly that you find yourself in a incredible place.
I want to tell you a story.

Linda: Can I interrupt you for a second Mira? I love to keep the conversation going but we do have two callers so we forgot about our callers today we’re so excited. Let me bring in our first caller is that Paula on line three? Hello is that Paula? Hello, I don’t know is Stephanie?

Paula: Hello, hi.

Linda: Hi who is this?

Paula: Can you guess hear me now? This is Paula.

Linda: Okay Paula I was afraid to say your name, how are you?

Paula: Good how are you guys?

Linda: Great, what’s your question?

Paula: Well, my question is, I have dabbled with past life regressions here and there, and I always seem to have memories but there not very vivid I just have this feeling of knowing and I can outline the story I can say the story but sometimes I’m not sure why I’m not seeing anything. I hear your story and I hear Mira’s story and I’ve read so many stories and I was just wondering, is it possible that that is my imagination and also for Mira is there any instance where you tried to regress someone or you’ve assisted someone in a past life regression and nothing has happened?

Mira: I really love your questions Paula, I want to address first the where you are saying that the memories are not vivid. Actually I’m really happy you are bringing this up, regression is a very tailored to the person experience okay, and in other words every experience is very appropriate for where the person is and for what it is that they need and there is really no two past life regressions that are alike. Some people experience regressions the way you and I think of going to the movies and watching the movies or the way your life feels to you right now, in other words there is just scene after scene flowing everything is moving with details and that’s just one way, other people have experiences where they see flashes of things just a brief image a brief scene and in between there is a sense of knowingness there is a lot of feelings. I have had clients who have had the experiences that are more feeling based so for example there will be just one image of something or feeling of a knowingness of something and the rest will be a feeling, and I have to tell you somebody even once said to me, “Mira I feel like I’m translating to you from another language, as if I’m experiencing all this in feelings and then I’m looking for the words to tell you what it is that I’m experiencing.” And other people hear things, other people actually sense things. I did a session with a woman who is a message therapist and she was saying to me, “Mira I need to feel and touch things so I can tell you what is there.” And to me it made sense afterwards because she is so used to trusting her feeling of touch and because of that I always tell people just allow it to be the way it needs to be, the information is there you are connecting with it, trust that it’s benefiting you, and if you were to say, “oh this is not valid, it needs to be like the way I’ve read it in the books.” You are really robbing yourself of the possibility of just really experiencing what is there. I also want to mention something else, what happens is sometimes even if a person sees a regression as a movie the next time they can see it just as flashes next time they can see it just as feelings, I have had all these various experiences, in other words just because up to this moment you have had this knowingness and memories that have not been vivid it doesn’t mean this is the only way for you. It’s really just a matter of what is important at this moment, of how is it important for the story to be delivered, how would you understand it best, and I have to tell you everything is always arranged in the back of the mind so perfectly sometimes we don’t even need to think about it. Going to your second question, whether sometimes people don’t experience anything, it’s a very interesting question and I think that the answer on it hinges on the persons ability in the moment to relax or whether it’s really just appropriate for them, or whether they are really ready for that. I have had a few clients where they have not been able to experience anything even though they come up to me and they say, “Mira I’m ready for this tremendous change, I’m ready for this tremendous healing.” And yet they are scared you know that means giving up on too many restraints, too many comfort zones, on too much and so the person doesn’t feel comfortable. So what I ask them to do is just really to approach things differently, really to allow for a bit of a more long term project rather than just one session with me or one listening to my CD, I tell them just keep listening to the CD it’s there. As long as you’re conscious mind feels comfortable that it’s not going to be, you know it’s not going to be asked to be stressed out too much the information will be there because it is there you know, you have had those experiences, so that’s really where the answer is. It’s not that the person is not able, because trust me everybody is able to get into this state and it’s not that the regressionest is incapable it’s really whether it’s just the right thing for the person, for the person in this moment and going back to whether people are capable of experiencing regressions, I hear this one often, my answer is yes you are, yes you are.

Linda: Yes she is, so Paula I just want to say two words that came out from the archangel Michael for you is that one is believe and the second one is you have found the truth. So definitely believe what Mira just said that what you experience is your truth and you have archangel Michael backing you up which is wonderful.

Paula: Thank you, I keep him by my bedside.

Linda: Isn’t that great!

Paula: Thank you so much for answers.

Linda: Thank you for calling in. We have another caller but thank you Paula for calling, God bless you.

Paula: Thank you both bye-bye.

Mira: Thank you Paula.

Linda: Bye. I think we have Stephanie on the line, hello.

Stephanie: Hello.

Linda: Hi Stephanie, what’s your question?

Stephanie: I guess mine is kind of related to what Paula asked, and then after what Mira said, is how do you know if you are ready? Because I also just want to say that I appreciate your story. I was on facebook tonight and I saw your little post that you were going to be on this radio show so I clicked on it and here I am.

Mira: Oh how great! Thank you Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yes.

Mira: I want to ask you what do you mean, “how do you know if you are ready?” Do you mean how do you know whether to even embark on regression?

Stephanie: I guess, when Paula asked the question does everybody have an experience and you said some people don’t have an experience because they are not quite ready.

Mira: Those cases are so rare you know so so rare that it’s really just the very few. Most people are because you are always given what it is that you need; you are always given the guidance the information is there so I want to say if you feel moved to even having called you know by even having joined us today I would say there is something you know your heart is pulling you in that direction because there is something to be discovered and I do private sessions if you feel compelled to work with me privately you can just reach me through my website which is MiraKelley.com or you can just get my CD and work with the CD and I have to tell you I myself actually work with my own CD. Linda was asking me yesterday when we spoke who do I go and see and who do I have regressions with and I said to her, “you know what I actually listen to my own CD.” It has a really good past life regression and the meditation is just something incredible its part of the CD set too, so I want to encourage you that you give it a try and please do connect with me on facebook later and just tell me how did it go for you.

Stephanie: Okay I will, I’ll get the CD that sounds wonderful.

Linda: Yes Stephanie that is worth while listening to. The CD is called Healing Through Past Life Regression and Beyond so all our listeners can hear it. I think it would be a wonderful experience for you, your angel message because I was just asking about you right now is heaven is watching over you and you are receiving much blessings of abundance, you have two guardian angels by your side and they are the ones who are really encouraging you to look more into this, okay.

Stephanie: Wonderful! Thank you so much.

Linda: Thank you Stephanie God bless you.

Stephanie: God bless you both.

Linda: Thank you. We have another caller, Claudia.

Claudia: Hi. Hello Mira.

Linda: Hi Claudia how are you?

Mira: Hi Claudia.

Claudia: I’m good thank you. I’m so glad I get a chance to speak with you Mira; I’ve been following you also on facebook and just following your stories you’re very inspirational and I’ve always been interested in regression work. I’m fascinated by it and I just want some advice, I just wanted to know if someone like me wanted to learn more about it, I would like to schedule a session with you in the future but I’m also going to order your CD and what books or information would you guide someone who would like to know more about this, regression?

Mira: Sure I’m so happy to be able to share that with you. I presently don’t teach people how to what it is that I do but I can share with you the books I’ve read, one of my teachers was Brian Weiss so I want to encourage you to read his books, in fact his latest book is called Miracles Happen and it has stories of his students, stories from his seminars, stories of people who have worked with his products and actually three of my stories are included in the book and I’m greatly honored and he is an incredible person so I want to encourage you to just really see that as a possibility you know explore that but really the bigger advice I can give you is to just follow your excitement about this, in other words in every moment something speaks to you about a regression just really follow that path, be it a seminar, be it a lecture, be it a CD, be it a book, be it just to talk about this that’s how I really did it. I did not set out to be a past life regressionest okay, but it just really built and built on for me because it started with a conversation and then another one and then a book and then an experience and on and on and on and here I find myself today, and I’m not saying that you need to be a regressionest someday, I’m simply saying I’m really happy to know that you feel pulled by the possibilities held in this work and I want to encourage you to experience following the path that your heart is showing you.

Claudia: Thank you, yes I actually did a brain waves workshop a couple months ago, it was in Pasadena at the I Can Do It seminar, and actually I saw Wayne Dyer in Pasadena as well.

Mira: Yes.

Claudia: It’s great thank you I like the connection I’m going to pursue that, thank you for the advice.

Linda: Claudia do you want an angel message?

Claudia: Sure, I love angels as well.

Linda: Because as you were speaking I look at the cards and I ask the angels but definitely archangel Michael come on and says that you are deciding to be happy now and don’t postpone it and I think it has a lot to do with trust archangel Michael says, and Mira was encouraging you to even listen to her CD and go beyond and just look deeper because again doing the regression for you it will give you much more trust in the person that you are, that’s what archangel Michael is saying that you will be happy now. So take that advice.

Claudia: Thank you so much I love the angels and archangel Michael that’s another passion that I’m going into that’s why I love the fact that Mira was on this show.

Linda: Yes isn’t that right. This is a wonderful opportunity to be with angels and be with Mira at the same time.

Claudia: Thank you so much. Thank you Mira.

Mira: It was a pleasure Claudia.

Linda: God bless you. Wow, that was incredible! I love how people are so open to this now, Mira I think they are ready and mostly I feel the energies of this new year, you know we had such a challenging year but this new year I feel is opening much more energy, much more love, much more light. Do you feel the same way?

Mira: Absolutely and I have to tell you, I really just get so excited when I think that the number of the year is thirteen in other words 2013, because for me the number thirteen is such a number of transformation. That’s stepping on the next step of the path you know, that next rung on the ladder so yes I absolutely agree with you.

Linda: Absolutely! You studded with Brian Weiss and what is the book that you mentioned so we can tell our listeners?

Mira: Oh sure! The book that I mentioned is called Miracles Happen and it just came out a few months ago so it’s a new book and it will be very interesting for people to read it.

Linda: I can imagine, and then the one that Dr. Dyer wrote is Wishes Fulfilled right?

Mira: Yes it’s called Wishes Fulfilled and I’m most grateful actually the entire transcript of the actual regression was included; you see I do something else in my sessions and also it’s part of my CD. It’s not really just a regression I also lead the person to connect with their higher self and of course that part Dr. Dyer left out naturally but it’s really a very wonderful opportunity for people to connect to their guides and to their higher self and to their angels and to receive the guidance, and that’s really the benefit of having the CD rather then you know just working with me because the CD is always there and that’s really the reason why I reach out to it all the time because when you need that guidance when you need that question being answered, the tool the path is there.

Linda: Yes exactly. I love that you mentioned that because there are so many tools. I know that you give sessions in person but if someone can’t see you in person, I mean we would have to bring you to where we are.

Mira: Yes, yes. I have to tell you I’ll be coming to Los Angeles in March and I’m mentioning it because I know that a lot of your listeners are out on the West coast and I just wanted to mention it as a possibility because I am based in New York right now and sometimes it’s quite a trip.
Linda: I can imagine. But it would be exciting that you do come to the West coast and a lot of people can meet you and have sessions. But you know having the CD; I want to get it right away too because I want to do more of my life regressions. So that’s Healing Through Past Life Regressions and Beyond and you can go to Mira’s website which is MiraKelley.com correct?

Mira: Yes MiraKelley.com.

Linda: You’re also on facebook, yes?

Mira: Oh yes I’m on facebook I’m on twitter. I’m the one who manages my facebook page and I really love talking to everyone so please talk to me.

Linda: Yes, we want to talk to you.

Mira: Yes I enjoy it greatly!

Linda: I love that you’re on this show. So you had asked me to give you an angel message to you as well.

Mira: Yes.

Linda: I did that this afternoon, I just did a few questions, and the first thing that came out was that you definitely are an earth angel and that you speak your truth and that is just so important. The way you speak your truth is the way of the light. Do you have a question right now because I’m just doing some cards right now?

Mira: I love that! I really love that! I have to tell you just pull a card for me and I know that the answer will be there.

Linda: Okay so the first card that I just pulled was miracle, and this miracle is guided by the Christ consciousness.

Mira: That is interesting.

Linda: And that you are surrounded by this beautiful, it’s a yellow light it’s like a golden light where their showing me the core is like a heart, your heart is just all expanded around you it’s incredible, and this beautiful golden light with a heart and definitely you’re a leader. Archangel Michael says you’re a leader, you’re almost like a St. Joan of arc and you’re going fourth straight without anyone stopping you, it’s really beautiful the vision that you have. You have three guardian angels with you, and you said you didn’t learn about angels when you were young but do you believe in angels right now?

Mira: I do, I work with them quite often actually in my sessions. Do tell me about the three guardian angels.

Linda: You have three guardian angels and one says that she is with you every time you sleep and you ask for something she is there with you. She is the one who helps with the dreams; she brings archangel Michael also with you. There is the other guardian angel who is helping you envision much more of what you want to do, you have so much dreams and so much enthusiasm that it’s like they are opening up much more of your vision it’s really expanding more and more Mira and you are very committed. The other angel is saying that you are definitely a committed person and you’re a leader.

Mira: Wow!

Linda: That is really a great expression of who you are and I’m sure that you will be very rewarded for everything that you are doing, it just feels so good you have so much goodness in your heart and that is why I see this big heart around you, you know with the Christ consciousness.

Mira: Oh wow thank you so much!

Linda: You are so welcome.

Mira: I love these messages.

Linda: I had so much fun with you we need to do another show defiantly.

Mira: Yes we didn’t get to half of the questions.

Linda: We didn’t even get to half of the questions, I have so many questions. Anyway I just want to do a little bit of a prayer a guardian angel prayer before we leave but do give out all of your information so they can contact you please.

Mira: Sure my website is MiraKelley.com and there is a contact form there so please email me through my website and also connect with me on facebook, I look forward to that.

Linda: Defiantly I love to connect on facebook with everybody too. Thank you so much Mira for the wonderful knowledge that you give us and everything that you share with everyone. I love the regression I hope that everyone practices if you could do it on Mira’s CD it would be fantastic. It’s very healing and it’s transformational really, and mostly the angels were guiding me today you know that we are all made of light and the divine sets into motion any creation that we envision. We see the light that it’s a key to all of us it’s in making things happen, you know the angels are made of light, we are made of light and we are trying to be the best earth angels and that’s why angels are closer to us now, they are really opening up to our desires to our wishes so just keep that in mind you know, we are light energy, we are made of light and light and energy has creative power. So with that let’s just close our eyes and ask our guardian angels to be with us, to bless us with peace, and with strength and with valor, feel our hearts and our minds and our body with God’s wholeness and healing, we are grateful for your blessing presence and your loving compassion in every moment. I already know that through the angelic love the sacred wisdom of God flows through us and enfolds us like rays of sunshine upon all on earth, help us to learn and having patience and tolerance, allowing to embrace the harmony and balance and truthful happiness in life. We thank you for lovingly guarding our well being, always looking for our most highest good, amen. Thank you to all our listeners, thank you to my callers, thank you Mira and may God bless everyone and angels protect you. Until next time goodnight.