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Mira Kelley On Hay House I Can Do It
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This is the I can do it hour with your host Diane Ray.

Diane: Hello everybody thanks for joining me for today’s show. The topic today is really fascinating and one that I’m kind of anxious to kind of dive into. Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations and a lot of people believe that you can really heal through accessing past lives, other people say that they are just fantasies or delusions. My guest today we are going to talk about this and also her experience conducting past live regressions. Mira Kelley grew up in Bulgaria where at the age of thirteen she had a powerful regression experience and with great courage in her heart Mira followed her intuition and come to the U.S. to study. She has performed past life regressions on many people including Dr. Wayne Dyer which he wrote about in his book Wishes Fulfilled and Mira is going to talk to us today about healing through past life regression and also about her new CD which is just released through Hay House, Healing Through Past Life Regression and Beyond. And Mira thanks for joining me today.

Mira: Hey Diane it’s really wonderful to be speaking with you.

Diane: It’s great to talk about this because I’m really fascinated about this subject, healing through past life regression and also on past lives in general. So I just wanted to ask you a little bit about your back ground and how long you’ve been doing past life regressions on people?

Mira: Well you know past life regressions have been really a part of my life pretty much most of my life and I have been really very blessed to be able to do this and share this with people, personal sessions and all and through the CD it’s really an incredible experience it’s really a wonderful thing. I wasn’t always a past life regressionest I used to work before that as a corporate lawyer and another experience another past life regression experience in which I actually had I was actually able to heal a physical condition a TMJ that I was told I either need to learn to live with or to have an operation for. I was able to heal that through having an experience so following that experience you know I was convinced this was the way to go and this is really a way for people to heal and transform so you know step by step I moved away from being a lawyer and doing what I do now.

Diane: So you do this full time where you work with people to access their past lives or past life’s for healing? I never know how to say that is it past lives, past lifes, now for a living in New York is that right?

Mira: I’m currently in New York yes I’m seeing clients right now here in New York and I also travel very often and I see people when I travel so and of course now with the CD I’ll be able to reach people in their homes if they are not able to come and see me in person.

Diane: Right. So you will also be speaking in New York, you mentioned you’ll be traveling, you’ll be at the I Can Do It. IGNITE! In New York on November 3so that’s exciting.

Mira: It is very exciting yes I’m very much looking forward to it.

Diane: Yes so let’s talk a little about your experience so you said that you had a powerful regression experience at a very young age and can you describe that for us?

Mira: Absolutely. If I were to tell you the story in all details I think it would take more than just one hour but the basis of it was that I actually, well you see I grew up in a communist country so religion was never really part of my brining up. There were no angels you know there was no talk of reincarnation or anything like that. Then after the fall of communism there was such an influx of spiritual literature because people were really hungry for this kind of information so there was no distinction for people between going to a Sunday service at church and talking about UFO’s and past lifes and reincarnation. There was really no prejudice and no feelings of this could not be true when I actually came across a book on reincarnation and the book was Brian Weiss’s book Through Time Into Healing and in this book he shared all these stories how people have actually had incredible experiences and how these experiences have impacted them and how they have been able to transform their lives and I was really intrigued I have to tell you. So what I did actually was I created a recording for myself and I played it back and I had an experience where I saw myself as a soviet spy who actually was captured by the Nazi because I have actually received orders to, that soviet spy to actually terminate someone I was working with. My cover was a doctor and as a doctor one of my patients was a very important Nazi general and I received orders you know from the people I was working with to actually terminate this person and this is really the time of world war 2 so this was actually important in terms of the big game of winning and losing the war. I was very reluctant to do it and yet I felt cornered and that I couldn’t do anything so I actually poured poison into the man’s glass of water rather than giving him a medicine and he of course died and I was captured and I was put on an electric chair and I died that’s how I was executed. All this was observed with such vivid feeling such vivid details and such vivid emotions that from the moment of my very first experience there has never been a doubt in my mind that this is really actually working that this is really that this is something you are able to connect with. This experience had a profound tremendous impact on me you know especially at the age I was at but really for anybody at any age and it really impacted how my life developed, how my life progressed and the choices I made in pretty much every day life and that’s really how it all started for me.

Diane: Wow so you really were able to access a lot of detail and things that you could not have known. It couldn’t have been a memory of someone telling you something.

Mira: Right not at all because I actually even remember when my mom came home that night I said to her what I have done and I asked her, “Mom did electric chairs even exist at the time of world war 2?” Because honestly to me as a thirteen year old the 1940’s seemed like a time of antiquity you know and if you were to have somebody killed why pick an electric chair right it’s just even the level of details. That’s what happens to people I guide them into a place where once they close their eyes and I help them relax their bodies they are really able to access these images because we are always connected we are always guided it’s just a matter of shutting down or at least minimizing the level of the external input from our senses and just allowing for the images and for the feelings to come up and the process itself is very gentle, very beautiful, and very simple.

Diane: What did you learn like what were you able to heal after accessing that life and that traumatic ending of that life in the electric chair and everything.

Mira: I have to tell you after that moment I never realized it but I had a tremendous phobia of everything German. It’s really a silly thing to even say but I had a fear of seeing people with guns, I had a fear of seeing solders, I had this version of even listening to the German language I cannot even explain what a feeling of just gagging and fear it would bring up in me. When I was looking to do the regression when I was playing the recording back to me after to myself after I recorded it I was thinking you know there’s nothing wrong with me, I mean I’m only thirteen I don’t have phobias, I don’t have illnesses, I don’t have emotional trauma, I’m just a regular kid and then I saw the connection you know after that experience of why such a feeling against all these images. But the impact it also continued to have throughout the rest of my life was in the lesson of that life. The lesson of that life had to do with being good you know not hurting others, seeking resolution through love and unity and really being good. So I have to tell you in that moment when I felt what was the lesson of that lifetime it was such a incredible realization for me because from there on every choice I made was impacted by, am I this person am I being of service am I being of light am I being of love am I good. The interesting thing is my full name is Dobromira you know Mira is the second part of my name and my name means Dobro means good and Mira means world so I was thinking it’s even incredible how my parents chose to name me. From there on I decided to be this person who brings good to the world.

Diane: So after that with the early experience then you went on later to study and did you have other past life experiences as you got older?

Mira: I did I have had so many stories that I can share and not only mine so many incredible stories of my clients and what happened with me afterwards is I just you know continued on with life in a very normal fashion. Of course in the back of my mind was always that experience and that question. Then I went to high school I went to college I went to law school and then I was already working as a lawyer when I had this physical condition, when I had this physical thing that was brought about a really a dentist who was just doing some dental work in my mouth and from there on you know his work brought about this full blown TMJ condition and anybody who has ever had any kind of pain in their body or anybody who has ever had a TMJ knows how amazingly painful it can be because it’s right on your face and it impacts how you talk or how you sleep or how you feel it’s always right there you cannot ignore it. After a year of trying to heal it, going to physical therapy constantly going to the dentist and them making adjustments after having taken a million pills to control the pain and so on, my dentist basically said to me that I either have to learn to live with it or have an operation which entailed braking my jaw and then reattaching it. Of course that sounded horrible right, why would you want to break something that’s not broken to begin with. Because TMJ is really an issue of the muscles of the jaw and in the desperation of the moment I was really desperate for something else for something I haven’t tired even thought I felt like I’ve tried everything and that’s when I remembered the book I read when I was little and I remembered the past life regression that I did so I said maybe that’s the way I would heal. I found a practitioner in New York city very quickly and I had a session with her. I experienced myself as a slave; I saw this very brief image of myself as a slave and as that slave I have this big heavy iron maniacal right around my neck this huge collar of iron and four other maniacal around my wrists and my calves around my legs and I just saw myself as this heartbroken and completely powerless feeling person because of the inhumane treatment I have experienced. I have to tell you right where my pain was right in my jaw was exactly where the collar was always rubbing me and because this metal collar that was placed on me as that slave is never to be taken away the pain was always there. That’s all I saw that’s all that I experienced so I went home and I pretty much spent the rest of the day crying because there was such tremendous emotion and such a cathartic experience. I’m really honest when I say this I’m not making you know I’m not exaggerating I woke up and the pain was gone and it was that quick it was that easy and of course I went to my dentist and he just couldn’t believe this had happened to me he just called my healing a miracle he couldn’t explain it any other way, and from there on I just knew I knew what is the right thing for me to share with the world and with people. I thought to bring this to everybody, to every friend, and to every family member.

Diane: It’s pretty effective past life regression therapy as you experience and then also in your clients you went on to conduct regressions on other people so what are some of the other things that people have been able to heal from, you know physical as well as emotional.

Mira: The incredible thing about regression is that because it does not target one thing it’s an opportunity to heal everything. You see when you go to the doctor they only give you pills that are only targeted to something specific and usually what you do when you go to the doctor is you are healing is a symptom something that is already showing up you are not really healing the rut cause and what I have discovered through my own regressions and through working with people is that everything that shows up in our bodies as pain and aches and everything that shows up as physical conditions is really based on emotions that we haven’t resolved, issues we haven’t healed, things that we haven’t been able to address and what our bodies are doing is that they are simply us pay attention this is it. Sometimes it’s so literal sometimes the message of our bodies is so literal as to where the person is and what they are experiencing and because of that past life regressions actually go towards the root cause to healing the emotional issues that the person is having addressing the emotions and because of that it’s really so affective towards healing anything emotions, trauma, phobias, fears, eating disorders, really anything, people improving their eye sights, people having sexually transmitted diseases that are incurable it’s just really amazing!

Diane: I’ve got a tone of callers up here and I know this topic really is fascinating and intriguing to a lot of people and I think it’s pretty interesting as well and I’ve talk to Dr. Brian Weiss about this too and some of the patients that he’s had and he said a lot of people were able to heal instantaneously just like you’ve described with a lot of the patients you had, I wanted to ask you like the difference you know there is déjà vu experiences and how does that differ from a past life experience? How do you explain that?

Mira: Usually what happens with déjà vu experiences as I understand it is and I’ve had experience myself is that you’re just really walking about and then you just have this moment of wow I’ve been here I’ve done this before and with the regressions the feeling is a bit different the feeling is I am this person I am doing all these things and this is what is going on. It’s really just a method of how we experience it, in other words one is your eyes are open and you’re just going about your day and all of a sudden you’re like wow I’ve done this before and the other one is a little different in terms of you’re just lying down and you have your eyes closed and your going through the experience and it feels very vivid and very personal you know it’s like it’s you, it’s you who is experiencing that. That’s really what it comes down to yes.

Diane: What would you say to someone who is an old soul or someone who has been back many times? Is that true in your experience is there such a thing as an old soul?

Mira: I would say we are all old souls because we are all eternal. So in a way we are all old souls. I have meet with people and had sessions with people who have been told by their higher selves that this is their first time on earth and there are people who have been reincarnating over and over and over and over again and every time it’s just as incredible and just as fantastic and there is just an incredible amount of learning and growth and opportunity to experience life. It’s really just amazing every time a person is able to see the bigger picture of who they are and receive guidance for where they are because you see every time a person has a regression what they experience is so appropriate for where they are in that moment, in other words just because I have done all these sessions it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make sense for me to do any more regressions you know me personally, every time it’s a new experience and every time it’s very appropriate for where I am and to give me the guidance that I’m looking for.

Diane: Oh that’s interesting so each time you have a session you can access a different life to give you the answer that you’re looking for or to help you with the issue that you’re dealing with at that time?

Mira: Absolutely that’s why it makes sense for people to have the CD because just because you listen to it once doesn’t mean that you are done. I actually listened to the CD two days ago I had something that I was thinking I wanted to get guidance on so I just played it myself and just did what everybody else would be doing when they listen to the regression and I received images and information that was tremendously helpful, you see it’s just way to get access and information and guidance and to really understand more of yourself.

Diane: Well we are going to give away a couple of copies of the CD to callers, I have a full board here so I’m going to grab a call right now before we go into a break and give you a chance to answer some questions. Let’s go to Susan she’s on line three calling from Connecticut and Susan welcome to the show.

Susan: Thank you Diane and it’s the first time I’m listening to your show it’s really fascinating.

Diane: Well I’m glad you called in. So what was your question about past lives were you interested in maybe investigating that for yourself?

Susan: I am I haven’t really thought a lot about it but doing a lot of kind of personal growth stuff lately and thinking about periods of my life and illnesses that I’ve dealt with and a situation I’m dealing with now and when I saw the topic I’m kind of wondering is there a way to tell whether things that you’re going through now are related to past life issues? Are there signs that kind of speak to that and how do you start investigating that?

Diane: That’s a great question. Mira what would you say to that how do you know it’s something from a past life?

Mira: Hi Susan.

Susan: Hi.

Mira: Your question is really very interesting and it makes me wonder how to approach and answer this. You see what you are saying to me implies that an issue originated in a moment in time and then time linearly continued and you were incarnated with the same souls and now you are dealing with the same issue right the same situation and the same condition. What I have discovered in my work is time is actually simultaneous all these lives exist in the same one moment you know, to you and I time is linear because that’s how it serves for us to create physical realities in this world but on the level of the soul where lives are decided how they are going to be experienced and created they are all simultaneous. What happens with people is we usually like to reincarnate with the same group of people just because we create these relationships and we start these things and what we do is we go through the different lifetimes and that right there could be the answer to what you are looking for you know the situation that I’m in but also there is something else, what people do is they actually sometimes choose to work on the same issue from different points of view because you see a soul wouldn’t have a complete learning or understanding on let’s say the topic of love if you just experience lifetimes where you have been greatly loved and nurtured. You see you learn about love just as well when you are in relationships where you are jealous you teach people about love through your negative actions and circumstances that you are creating so this is really about a 360 degree type of learning right, from every possible aspect. What happens when people reincarnate they choose to usually look at the same issue from a different point of view so the way past life regression helps people is by allowing them to connect with lifetimes where the same issues have been explored and then you see how it was done in that lifetime and you see how it relates to who you are in this lifetime then you realize you know what I’m a different person now, I choose to do things differently now this information was incredibly valuable and now I feel ready to move on and I feel ready to apply this lesson in a new way, in a new light. When I shared that story of when I was that slave who had that chain you know around my neck the emotional issue that the slave experienced was this feeling of powerlessness you know this powerful feeling of not being able to do anything even though I saw myself and experienced myself as this very big guy, strong and powerful guy and yet I felt smaller than an ant and I felt that there was this authority figure above me, you know my owners and I couldn’t do anything to improve my life and there was nothing I could do. The reason now that I look back why I experienced that is because at that time as a lawyer I was working in a law firm and my bosses have created a very similar situation and experience I was having the experience of filling that there was this authority and there is nothing I can do about it. Through that experience I actually came to the understanding.

Diane: Hold on a second Mira we are going to jump to a break and there was something else I want to address from Susan’s question so we’ll be right back.

Diane: We’re back with my guest today Mira Kelley and we’re talking about healing through past life regression. Is it possible to heal physical and emotional issues by accessing a past life memory where something may have triggered that issue. This is really fascinating and we’re also going to be giving away some CDs of Mira’s set here Healing Through Past Life Regression and Beyond which includes an exercise that you can do at home to access past lives as well as a meditation and I wanted to just bring back our previous caller Susan really quickly she’s on line three and she was asking how to investigate if a past life is affecting your health and wellness and I was just wondering Susan if you had a certain issue, health issue that was on your mind right now?

Susan: Yes actually well two things I was relating to when Mira was talking about TMG issues which I have experienced for over thirty years but also recently an issue with Osteoporosis kind of suddenly diagnosed and it seemed to me out of the blue.

Diane: Mira what do you think about those two things could Osteoporosis something like that actually be triggered by a past life.

Mira: You know what that’s exactly what I would suggest you begin to investigate through the guided regression that is part of the CD set because I wouldn’t go as far as saying the Osteoporosis the condition was triggered by a past life regression but I would say that chances are there is an emotional situation that created the physical body to actually react in this way and say this is what you need to focus on this is what you need to pay attention, does it make sense? I wouldn’t say that it’s directly the correlation with the physical in other words something happened let’s say with your jaw or with your body in another lifetime and you experience these conditions in this lifetime I would say there is an emotional relationship, an emotional issue.

Diane: Emotional connection. Susan hold on we’re going to get you a copy of Mira’s CD so you can investigate this and you know you might be surprised what you come up with. It’s pretty interesting.

Susan: Thank you.

Diane: Let’s go to Amy we’ll try to take as many calls as we can in the next segment we’ve got so many great questions. Amy on line four from Wisconsin and Amy thanks for calling you’re on with Mira today.

Amy: Hi thank you guys for taking my call Mira and Diane.

Mira: Hi Amy.

Amy: Hi. So many times I feel like I’m going through some kind of transition and so many times I feel like almost paralyzed or emotionally paralyzed or you know I isolate a lot and I’m just wondering if that has something to do with a past life?

Mira: Do you feel that you isolate from people from situations and your just holding back?

Amy: I like being with people I feel just paralyzed sometimes just to get going and do things and I feel it on a cellular level. It doesn’t come naturally to me.

Mira: Yes I understand I hear you. This is something that I definitely suggest you explore through the recording and I’m very glad that you are calling because you will be I’m guessing that we will send you the CD set so you explore it and I have a feeling this will be very beneficial for you, that you will discover what it is that is creating this situation and I have to tell you when I work with clients I could never ever ever guess what the answers would be and then they have this experience this lifetime and then the person comes out of the trans and we look at each other and we’re like this is incredible we could not have seen it come this way and yet the person feels transformed the person feels really born anew and their ready to go live life differently.

Diane: Amy hang on we’re going to get you a copy of the CD as well, it’s on back order, but you will get it.

Amy: Okay.

Diane: Okay hang on.

Amy: Thank you very much.

Mira: Thanks for sharing Amy.

Diane: So Mira you’re saying like in Amy’s case maybe it would have been a fear or something that she might have addressed in a past life that’s keeping her paralyzed from moving forward and you’ve seen that a lot in other people?

Mira: Yes that’s why the work is really powerful for every person even though the approach is the same right, what comes as a story for the person what they experience in another lifetime is always so incredibly appropriate for their own situations for their own challenges and the issues they are facing every day.

Diane: Let’s take this one call on line eight Mary in Utah because this is interesting she has had recurring dreams of a situation and I know sometimes dreams; you can access a past life in the dream state so Mary thanks for calling in.

Mary: Oh thank you yes I’ve had a recurring dream since I was a child of having a board placed on top of my chest and then rocks pilled on and I’ve had what they call second hand smoke or asthma bronchial, I’ve had continual coughs most of my life but I’ve also had structural I’ve had three hip replacements so the Osteo I understood when she was talking about that you know the not moving forward. I’ve taught school for twenty-three years and just recently was unable to be able to do my job anymore and so the moving forward I got that when you said that with her. I’m starting up a new business it’s called Heart Light Healing trying to heal these things that I know in my soul are what you said today from past lives that I never understood until today.

Mira: Mary what you are sharing really sounds incredible because I am almost sure that what you are experiencing is another lifetime in your dreams and why the asthma right the breathing issue, I had a session with a client who came to me and she had insomnia and her insomnia was caused by the fact that she would wake up in the middle of the night and she would be having this feeling of being strangled somebody suffocating her so she wouldn’t be able to sleep much through the night because she would always just wake up from this dream of being strangled and of course she would be afraid to sleep alone and really sleeping was a huge issue for her. She experienced a lifetime where she actually was working in a temple being a worker you know of light and healing and her brother was not happy with her doing this kind of work at all so what he did one night is he came and he strangled her in her sleep and this woman before she came and saw me she had this insanely paralyzing fear of dying I mean it was just beyond you and I sharing to each other you know we’re afraid of dying it was just really hugely impactful on her and after this experience she shared with me that she is now able to sleep and she is just fine the dream is not there anymore and better yet actually she told me how at work a co-worker of hers had passed away and she said in the past this kind of a situation would have brought me into a real depression to a  real state of really emotionally traumatizing for me and instead she said to me, instead what I did this time around is I started talking to all my co-workers and started telling them about the afterlife and that you know it’s really okay we are eternal we continue on. This kind of experience is just really something that I see possible for you this ability to heal your asthma and breathing and have those nightmares stop and really find your balance you know and find the feeling within you of moving forward and I see that that’s really the path you are on you are looking to resolve these things because that’s what we as healers do right?  We heal others and we heal ourselves.

Diane: Now Mira we’re going to get Mary a CD but if she wanted to pursue this further in Utah is there a website you could recommend or could she contact you to find a regressionest in her area because it seems like she might want to have a full regression with a trained therapist to really investigate this whole thing.

Mary: That’s what I was thinking because with that dream I mean that’s what they used to do, this just came through now, with witchcraft with witches. Now I’m trying to do this healing and obviously being in Utah that’s the dominate for religion here is man that holds that healing power and I think that’s where I haven’t had those dreams until now again and that just came through too now.

Diane: That’s so interesting.

Mira: Because people are unable to come and meet me in person you know when there is just me I don’t have, there is only so many days in a year that I have to meet with people that’s why I have created the CD and the CD this recording that we are talking about and it really follows the process that I use with my clients in my office so I think that would be just as good for you as working with a person but for those of you who want to work with me and see me in person my website is MiraKelley.com and you can just contact me through my website.

Mary: And I thought about my name too Mary Carmen my parents my dad’s name was Carmenlasky and he dropped that when he moved here and was Karma Carmen. I mean everything you said today was just.

Diane: It rings true.

Mira: I’m very excited for you Mary I have to tell you please do the regression on the recording after you receive it from Diane and please do stay in touch with me reach out to me and tell me about what you experience and that goes really for anybody who their regression I’m excited to hear about your story.

Diane: Well let’s get you that disc so hold on Mary.

Mary: Okay thank you so much both of you.

Diane: Sure and thanks for calling I think it’s so fascinating when people share these stories and it’s MiraKelley.com and it makes me think Mira of a recurring dream that I’ve had of a house and the house is a wooden house with a porch and in a lot of dreams it looks different but it’s the same if that makes sense it’s like this same house keeps coming up and I’ve had people say that I should investigate that and do a regression and I’m going to do that because I wonder why is this house keep coming up. Let’s grab another call from Jennifer in Columbus and this is interesting because she says she knows three of her past lives already so I would like to hear her story, and Jennifer thanks for calling in.

Jennifer: Hi thank you and actually I am listening to what everyone else is saying and it brought up another question I had, I’ll just tell you briefly I was a supper active outgoing person like running all over everywhere could accomplish tones of things and then I started feeling weak and I started feeling tired and I started choking on my food and then I just lost all my energy I could barely walk people couldn’t understand me when I was talking and nobody could quit figure it out. They knew I had something neuromuscular going on but they couldn’t quit put their finger on it so I went to Cindy Rigs here in Columbus Ohio and did a session with her. We did the energy body work and she taught me about the law of attraction and all these things and then we also did, she went into a past life and it was so interesting because I didn’t realize like I had had dreams that my daughter was drowning and I would jump in and I would try to get her but I couldn’t get her and then I would see her dad on the side with this big life boat, well as it turns out one of my past lives was I was a man and I went out on a boat and my daughter had fallen off and had drowned I tried to save her but I couldn’t so we had figured that that  kept my life, my past life from moving on and she did this soul retrieval thing with me where once we got the soul moved on I saw this huge emotion it was like nothing I have ever felt in my entire life but my question is you have these CDs that take you in but will the CD help you get your life if you have a soul that didn’t move on and that’s why you are having this past life regression how do you do it yourself to get your soul to move on because I had an awesome person helping me I just didn’t know if I could do it myself through your CD does that make sense?

Mira: It really does I have to tell you really just have to trust the wisdom of your soul because your soul is looking to move on, your soul is looking to grow and expand that’s the purpose right that’s the purpose of every existence anyway. It’s really a very natural thing that happens that once an issue is resolved once a cycle is complete then you’re like okay now I’m moving on. That’s why when I was telling you about the story of me seeing that life as a slave I did not make any connections no one did any soul retrieval with me none you know I just spent the day basically crying and yet the next morning somehow everything has put itself into place in the back of my mind and I was done I was done with that lesson I was done with that learning. The CD is really geared towards that and there is really something incredible that is a part of the regression it leads people through experience another lifetime and then it allows the person to connect to the energy of their higher self and that’s something very important that I do with all of my clients it’s a very large portion of the work that I do with my clients in my office so I guide people, you will hear it on the recording to connect with the energy of your higher self and ask questions and receive guidance for the issues that you are looking for guidance on that’s really a very valuable part of the recording that’s something that is really valuable in terms of allowing you to see the path forward and how that relates to who you are today the experience that you just had in the regression.

Diane: So hold on Jennifer we’re going to get you that CD okay?

Jennifer: Okay thank you.

Diane: You’ll get a copy and thanks for calling. Mira this just brings me to a question kind of what Jennifer was talking about, so if it was a soul that hadn’t moved on if Jennifer went back in her regression and experienced the actual moment of the death of that particular life would that essentially help that process along? You know help that soul forward like if for some reason there was something that was stuck is that possible?

Mira: I would imagine absolutely. Here is the incredible thing when every time a person does a regression or they come see me you know in my office the experience has already been divinely orchestrated you know the person is already supported by the highest levels of love, light, and healing so everything is already to support the process and the growth and the healing and the returning to oneness.

Diane: Okay. I’m going to see if I can get a few more calls because this is really great. Let me go to Joe on line three he’s calling from New York and I think this is interesting because he’s talking about past life connections with other people and I think that relationships are really amazing and sometimes I’ve heard Dr. Brian Weiss say that souls do tend to reincarnate together soul families so maybe this might be something along those lines so Joe thanks for calling in with your question.

Joe: Thank you. I’m actually quit interested in this I’ve actually tried some past life regression myself and the one thing I seem, I haven’t been too successful with it for myself, I have really wondered about because I feel like I’m dealing with particularly challenging relationships in my life what the correlation might be? When doing a past life regression have you had experiences where people actually been recognized people in their present life coming up in their past lives?

Mira: Oh gosh all the time absolutely because we really, like you were just saying right now Diane we really travel together through lifetimes we enjoy it we like it and let me just share a brief story with you, I did a session with two brothers and you know one day after another with the two of them and they didn’t talk between each other so there is no way for them to have influenced each other one brother experience actually being a warrior who was going and killing people around for the sack of whatever the government people were deciding and the other brother the next day experienced being killed by his brother in a battle so it was just incredible just to see that moment of recognition of the two of them and it happens so very often people constantly see each other you know see their relatives, see their loved ones and that’s really a tremendous value of this experience because you see the bigger picture of the relationship that people share and then with a bigger understanding you know the extending of compassion and love is so much easier because now you know so you are really ready to forgive it’s so easy to forgive, it’s so easy to approach things differently and because you are in New York maybe you can come and we can work together.

Joe: That’s a good possibility I really need to work this out.

Mira: Very good.

Diane: Well try the CD too Joe.

Joe: I definitely will this is very important to me.

Mira: And you know the CD has also a guided meditation and I have to tell you I love this guided meditation it’s incredibly wonderful. It’s geared towards bringing everything that the person has learned through their regressions into who they are and integrating it and allowing them to take that information that experience and create a fabulous incredible life for themselves.

Joe: That sounds terrific.

Mira: It’s really a wonderful meditation. I have played it for Dr. Wayne Dyer and he really loves it he has given me incredible feedback on it and of course everybody else I have shared it with so I know that people are going to love it.

Diane: Well we’re going to give you a copy so you can try that out Joe.

Joe: That’s terrific thank you so much.

Diane: Sure and thanks for calling. I want to give Mira’s website again it’s MiraKelley.com so Joe in New York if you wanted to get in touch with Mira or anybody else out there you know give her some feedback on the disc any of the callers that called in and you know let her know. So Mira we have just a couple of minutes left it’s just flown by but I think Joes question was just so interesting about souls reincarnating together and then dealing with relationships if there is a difficult relationship in your life it could have been an issue in a past life with this same person. Maybe they were your son or daughter in another life you were their mother or father you know because the gender can change.

Mira: Yes exactly and our genders change our roles, family roles change but the recognition is there you know when a person is in a trans when they experience this other lifetime the recognition is instant you know they are able to say oh I know who this is and it’s just really wonderful and beautiful for people to bring that learning back into their relationships and I have to tell you you don’t even have to have a challenging relationship with a person for you to reincarnate with them sometime people just love each other and they want to be together.

Diane: Right so it doesn’t have to be a challenge that’s a good point. So I wanted you to describe we have about two minutes left on the show, because you did do this really fascinating regression with Dr. Wayne Dyer and what was that like?

Mira: It was really an incredible experience. He had an experience he shared the transcript of our story is in his book Wishes Fulfilled and I’m really very grateful that he did because it has allowed for so many people to be introduced to the idea of regressions and how that assist in the healing of people and it was really very emotional and powerful experience. I remember how when he was going through the emotions and when he was going through the experiences and especially at the end where he was this old man, wise man who had gone through life and learned that it’s about sharing and it’s about love and it’s about being kind to each other and where he was looking to bring his own son into the light, he was looking to bring his own son to that kind of understanding rather than the attitude of revenge an eye for an eye and I remember how tears were streaming down his face and it was such an emotional moment that actually I was crying too and you know it was just a very moving ,and very beautiful, and very impactful experience for him and of course for me.

Diane: If people do this CD they can have a similar experience they can feel those same kinds of emotions, it’s possible.

Mira: Oh yes absolutely.

Diane: I had another question since you have done so many regressions I have to ask this because I thought it was in Dr. Dyer’s regression you know he didn’t come back as anybody really famous or anything like that and probably the average person isn’t going to come back as a king or something like that I mean most people that you regress you don’t have you know Napoleon Bonaparte or George Washington or someone say that they were that person in another life or has that ever happened or is it usually a regular person experiencing life in that time.

Mira: Well when you think about it its regular people who we have on the earth and who have been inhabiting the earth. I have had through all these regressions I have done I have meet with only one person of power and the woman experienced herself as a Pharaoh and yet the life was not the focus of the life was not about the power and the greatness, the focus of her experience was how this relates to who I am today.

Diane: That’s so amazing. Check out Mira online at MiraKelley.com and pick up the CD.