The Chakra Game Meditation for Kids


Mira Kelley’s Children’s Meditation: The Chakra Game


Were you introduced to your Chakra system as a child? Most people are not exposed to the wonderful, intricate structure that is our Chakras until adulthood. Can you imagine if you were given the chance to develop your knowledge from young adolescence? Can you imagine where you would be today if you were given the opportunity to explore and learn about them as a child?

The Chakra Game, Mira’s children’s meditation is a fantastic introduction to the Chakra system. It has the feel of a fun meet-and-great for each Chakra while discovering their profound meaning. It leads children to dive deep into their imagination to discover the world of Chakras. This world helps develop their mind and explore their Chakras like never before.

This meditation creates a calming atmosphere to promote learning and allow them to tune into their life energy. The Chakra Game uses a phenomenal learning method to impart life skills that teach emotional wellbeing and self-healing. Mira invites a child into a safe and loving environment. It is a sensational experience that every child should receive.

One of the best things about The Chakra Game is that it promotes self-acceptance and self-trust while stretching the imagination. The entire meditation promotes body awareness and realization of emotional needs. Mira also inspires a positive mindset that flows with each Chakra. These are brilliant notions that have a wonderful impact on a young mind.

The meditation ends in a euphoric sense of calmness yet there is an energized burst of self-confidence. One of the many things you will love about this for your child, family member or young friend, is how much Mira instills kindness and truthfulness, while they learn the concept of each Chakra. It is a valuable gift that they will benefit them for their entire life.

Running Time: Approximately 35 minutes

Download free chakra coloring page.

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