Spiritual Regression Session

I am offering spiritual regression sessions.

What is a spiritual regression session? When you need guidance making decisions, want to resolve emotional and health issues or want to understand your purpose in life and the events that surround you you can turn to a spiritual regression.  It is a truly transformative session during which you will explore a past life and will receive answers to the questions you have from your subconscious, from your Higher Self.  You may have a spiritual experience in which you communicate with your deceased relatives or receive guidance from your angels and teachers.

The power of the subconscious to heal and provide the answers we need is astounding.  I have seen it and have experienced it myself and want to give people the same opportunity to better their lives.

Does it work? Absolutely.  Even if you are a bit skeptical and uncertain you should give the spiritual regression sessions a chance.  And here is the beauty of it – the sessions work even if you do not believe that the experience was real.  All you need is an open mind and intent to receive the healing and the answers you are looking for.  In most cases the healing and the release of physical symptoms is instant.  Then and there people free themselves of emotional and physical traumas and the answers they receive are authentic, appropriate and wise.

Are you certified? Yes.  I have studied with Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon.  They are wonderful teachers and I deeply respect them and love their work.

Where do you hold sessions? I hold spiritual regression sessions in New York City and in the Berkshires, Massachusetts.

Why revisiting a past life will help me resolve current issues? We carry over traumas, vows and unresolved issues through lifetimes and they affect us presently.  We also tend to reincarnate with the same souls so that we can work together on lessons, resolve karma, gain understanding and grow spiritually.  Through revisiting a past life you look to experience where the problem began — to see the lifetime and understand the dynamics that originated the issue.  The most miraculous thing about every regression is the instantaneous healing. Just re-living and re-experiencing creates the kind of understanding that is really transformative. The spiritual regression session is unlike regular psychotherapy sessions where people go to a therapist for years and years and nothing gets resolved, and there could come a point where even the therapist becomes part of the problem.

What should I expect? The sessions usually last about four hours.  We will begin by talking about you, your life, the challenges that you have encountered and the reasons that lead you to having the session.  This part of our work is very important because it will give me the information needed so that I can ask your subconscious the right questions and it will allow you to get to know me, feel comfortable with me and assure yourself that you can trust me.

Next, we will proceed with the actual regression. With my guidance you will relax and be in a state of focused concentration.  You will experience your inner reality by moving your focus away from everything that destructs you every second of every day, quieting down and allowing any and all images that come to you to develop.  The subconscious is an amazing, amazing thing.  It will always take you to what is most appropriate for you to see and know at that very specific moment of your life.

During our session you will need to allow all images and senses that come to you to develop. No matter how insignificant or nonsensical they may seem you should not brush them to the side and disregard them.  They could be the thread that pulls you in and allows for the story to develop.  Remember, no movie is delivered to you in a single second.  The storyline develops in a scene after scene and it is only at the end of the movie that all pieces come together.  You should never be concerned if what you see is real.  You need to allow it and flow with it, which is really easy to do.

After we experience a lifetime or two we will reach out to your subconscious and ask that it gives you guidance, answers the questions you have and heals you physically.  The body is a magnificent machine that can repair itself in the most miraculous ways.  We will use your intent for physical healing and the power of the subconscious to heal your conditions, diseases and discomforts.

After you come out of the deep state you were in we will spend some time talking about the experience and how it impacted you.

Will you record the session? Yes, I will provide you with a recording of your session.

How should I prepare for the session? I will ask you to give me the names of the people who are most important to you in this life and their relationship to you.  I will also ask you to prepare a list of a few questions, which you would like to receive guidance on.  In this list I will also ask you to include the health issues that you have.  There may be health problems that you are not aware of, therefore, when you contemplate what you want to accomplish during our session, I will ask that you state to yourself that you have a general intent to heal, even diseases that you are not aware of.

This work is really meaningful and rewarding for me and I look forward to assisting you on your path to growth and understanding.

If you would like to have a spiritual regression session email me.

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