The Balance of Power and Love

Power is a theme that we as a collective consciousness have chosen to examine very deeply.  A concept that very often clashes with power is love.  We are created from love and our essence is pure love.  Yet, we believe that in order to be powerful we cannot show emotions or that when we express love we need to completely disregard our own personal power. Therefore, it is inevitable that these two ideas continuously interact in our history and provide ample opportunities for growth in our lives.

For centuries men were denied the expression of love. To this day, a man who shows emotions is considered weak.  Man had to be tough, unfeeling warriors – breadwinners involved in masculine occupations.  Just as an example, I remember once seeing a very big, tall and masculine-looking man at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport who was doing an embroidery while waiting for his plane.  I recall the disbelief on the faces of passersby who noticed him.

At the same time women were denied their power.  They were taught to be obedient, to follow someone else’s will and to concern themselves with only raising children and being good homemakers.  The fragility of women and their femininity was raised to a cult during the Renaissance. But then we decided to explore the opposite. The feminist movement screamed loud and clear that women would no longer be the weaker sex.  Women swung from the extreme of intentional power deprivation to aggressive excess of masculine energy.

Today we continue to struggle with our definitions of power and finding a balanced expression of power and love. It is an accepted belief that when we come from love we are not honored and powerful.  In the work environment women continue to face the choice between having a career and raising their children or being expected to emulate the aggressive and impersonal male management style in order to progress professionally. Women have been, and many of us continue to be, too focused on pleasing others.

But all it takes is for each and every one of us to understand that there is as much power as there is love in us.  We need to claim both, for we are both power and love.  When we claim our power through divine love we immediately find ourselves at a perfect place of balance.  And when the balance within us is defined, the world around us will reflect that balance as well.

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