Dr. Masuro Emoto’s Call for Healing Water

Dr. Emoto invites you to participate in the April 24, 2010

“Sacred Ceremonial Blessing for Salish Sea and Water Everywhere”

The ceremony will take place with Dr. Emoto on the Lummi Indian Nation Reservation near Bellingham, with simultaneous gatherings beside Salish Sea and rivers of Salish Sea, and beside waters planet-wide.

A message to you from Dr. Emoto:

There are many earthquakes happening all over the world lately and I am worried about this as I am living in Japan, one of the countries where earthquakes often hit. As far as I have researched on the history of Puget Sound, there was an earthquake recorded at magnitude 9 around that area about 300 years ago and the Tsunami that happened at that time came all the way to Japan.

When I come to think about this, we can say that water brings information from very far. So when I visit there, let’s pray together for stabilization of the world. All the water around us will bring our thoughts to any place in the world. Let’s imagine that our thoughts will reach to water in the layer of the earth and lead this planet in the direction of stabilization, then waters of Puget Sound which have been polluted lately will be happy about that.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Masaru Emoto

Please read the following for the ceremony schedule and information on how you can participate at the site or from afar.

Sacred Ceremonial Blessing for Salish Sea and Water Everywhere

11:00 AM to Noon on Saturday, April 24 – PDT time Seattle , WA  USA

Lummi Indian Nation Reservation near Bellingham, WA USA or by a Salish Sea waterway or by water anywhere.

We dedicate our sincere Prayer of Love and Gratitude to the water of Salish Sea and its rivers, and the waters of the world.

How to participate in the ceremony:

Print the photograph of the Salish Sea that is shown below.

Prepare a glass of clean water and put it on the photograph of Salish Sea.

If you could not print the photograph, then you can just put the glass of water in front of the computer screen that is showing the photograph.
Please pray for the water in the glass using the following prayer of Apology (for Humanity’s contribution to pollution), Love, Gratitude and Respect.

Water, We Are Sorry.
Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We Respect You.

Please intend that the water in the glass is completely filled with the vibrations of Apology, Love, Gratitude and Respect. You can hold both of your hands toward the glass, and visualize that the vibrations emitting from your heart will be projected into the water of the glass through your hands. Please see that each water molecule in the glass is brilliantly shining like a tiny sun.
(You can close your eyes during this process, if it is more comfortable for you during the visualization and meditation.)

Next, please intend that the vibrations of your prayer of Love, Gratitude, and Respect in the glass of water will transmit into all the water of Salish Sea through the photograph of Salish Sea. As all water is connected through collective consciousness, your prayer dedicated to the glass of water will naturally expand into the water of Salish Sea.

Following the prayer to Salish Sea, please intend that the vibrations, which now fill the water of Salish Sea, will spread to the waters all over the world. Visualize that all the water molecules on Earth are beautifully emitting golden and silver light.

Visualize Planet Earth in front of you, surrounded by a glowing gold and silver light.

Please intend that the vibrations and frequencies of the water of Salish Sea and the waters of the world are being raised during the full hour from 11:00 AM to Noon on Saturday, April 24. You can also add your own prayer to the water, meditation, chanting, music, songs, dancing, and so on intending the same purpose.

Local Time of Various Places:

Hawaii: 8 am to 9 am on Saturday, April 24
Los Angeles: 11 am to noon on Saturday, April 24
New York: 2 pm to 3 pm on Saturday, April 24
Greenwich Mean Time: 6 pm to 7 pm on Saturday, April 24
London: 7 pm to 8 pm on Saturday, April 24
Auckland: 6 am to 7 am on Sunday, April 25
Tokyo: 3 am to 4 am Sunday, April 25
Sydney: 4 am to 5 am on Sunday, April 25

Please focus your awareness with the thousands of people praying beside Salish Sea and its rivers, and around the world simultaneously with you.

Through the water, we will be connected as One.

Also, before and after the Ceremony, the staff of my HADO INSTITUTE, in Tokyo, will photograph the water crystals of four rivers – the Nooksack, Duwamish, Nisqually and Columbia Rivers. We will post photographs and images from the experiment onto our web site.

Please forward this message to your circle of friends and family, and let us create powerful healing and change for all the precious water on the planet.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I look forward to connecting with you in prayer and intention.
With Love and Gratitude,
Dr. Masaru Emoto