Where Do I Go From Here

A few days ago LostInTranslation left the following comment on the Congratulations! post:

“I wish I could find the courage to stop “working” in order to pursue a passion, but find it very difficult to give up on the financial comfort and security that my job gives me.”

It was really inspiring how in response to LostInTranslation’s comment Medieval_Shepherd said, “Passion is the “ultimate comfort… Like any task in hand, finding a passion and pursuing it is a matter of transition… I believe in Passion there is always success. It may take more time that you can imagine, but once you cross that point you will look back and remember that you made the right choice… My recommendation to you is find your Passion, narrow it and fulfill it. You will not regret it.”

These are such great words of wisdom and they make me feel so inspired.

One could say that Medieval_Shepherd is really lucky to have found his/her passion and been able to follow it.  But I think there is more than luck.  I think it all begins with love – that amazing, all absorbing feeling of excitement and enthusiasm about a single thing.  Then comes faith – faith in your own judgment, faith that you know what is best for you (and not doubting yourself and taking on someone else’s unfulfilled dreams or suggestions how you should live your life and who you should be).  Next is action – taking steps to support your dream.  This may seem overwhelming at first because your dream does not come with a manual.  But what you need to constantly remind yourself is that you do not need to map out the rest of your life right now, you don’t need to make every right choice and achieve success tomorrow.  What you need to do is explore your passion – take classes after work, read magazines focused on the subject, take every chance to talk with people about your passion (you have no idea how many new connections and opportunities will present themselves) and of course read everything you can find on the internet.  By doing things related to your dream you will see how a path slowly develops in front of you.  And then one day you will find yourself living your dream.

Sonia Choquette, a favorite spiritual teacher of mine has the following story in her book Your Heart’s Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want:

“Grace is a very creative and spiritual woman who has lived in many places and done many fascinating things.  She has been a painter, a writer, a musician, a product designer, and a chef.  In spite of her talents, however, when I met her she had a subsistence job in a flower shop.  Her life was burdened by debt, and her sense of purpose was unfulfilled.  When she attended our workshop she expressed to us that it had been her Heart’s Desire for some time to become a spiritual healer in the arts of reiki and shamanism, but that she feared she would not be able to support herself.

I suggested that she apply Principle Number Six to her heart’s Desire, which is also the Principle of Attraction.

“When you work with love you draw other to you,” I said.  “Embrace this truth.  The reason for this is that love is the highest vibration on earth.  When you work with love people feel it, are helped by it, and return to it.  It’s a positive vibration that draws people naturally into its sphere.  Those who love what they do emote that love through their work, and people are drawn toward the energy.  That’s why love is the best marketing tool around.  Because it is so attractive, it pulls right to you what you need.

Grace did decide to follow her heart and embrace her chosen vocation.  As she said, “It feels so right I can’t resist.  I love doing this work.”

She started out with just a couple of clients a month, still keeping her “regular” job as a florist.  But in just a matter of months the word was out in the community that people were being greatly helped, and calls for appointments stared coming in.

In a short eight months she had to let go of her regular job because she couldn’t fit it into her schedule!  By the end of the first year her practice had exploded.  She was booked solid for a month at a time.  In the second year she paid off her old debt, moved to a beautiful apartment, and was asked to be an outside consultant for a holistic health center as an intuitive diagnostician.  By the end of the second year she was struggling to find time off for relaxation because she had attracted so many clients.  Each day her abilities expanded, and every experience with a client was a miracle of healing in itself.”

“Because of this fulfillment, Grace’s material needs lessened as well.  She felt filled up with Universal love, and her physical wants greatly diminished.  In working with Principal Number Six, she was supported beyond what she had ever imagined, and in many more ways than money.”

“The magic of love will attract support.  When you work from love, you will attract enthusiasm.  Others will get excited about you and what you are doing and want to help.  Wherever there is love, real enthusiasm, there is also the grace of God.  People cannot resist the energy of love because, deep down, that is all any of us ever want to feel.  And when we do, we like and want to be around it, cheering it on.  That is the secret of charisma – loving what you are doing so much that there is no drag, no resistance, no negativity, in your energy field.  You become a clear white beam of light.  All the people you touch feel the energy around you and they’ll cheer you on in light up the way.”

LostInTranslation, I believe that Your Heart’s Desire will be a great book for you to read.  It will help you chart the right course for how to achieve your dream and shed the doubts you have.

Please nurture your dream of doing makeup like a beautiful flower, water it with love, devotion and attention so it can grow up to provide for you and give you the sense of fulfillment.  Also, please continue to share with us how the path in front of you develops.  We are here to support you and cheer you on.

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