The New Moon Opens Up Your Purpose

These mystical times are here to support you to work on your purpose, on career, and on money.

February 23 is a New Moon in Pisces.

The New Moon in Pisces is best dedicated to our purpose in the cosmic seas.

To align with the Divine and offer our work as a prayer to All That Is. So that we can be more perfectly aligned with the best we can be. To hear the guidance on — How can I evolve? How can I serve better?

The cosmic seas are ruled by Neptune. And Neptune brings us into the subtle world.

In the subtle world nothing is linear. Everything is spherical and simultaneous. 

In simultaneous time we can rework the past. We can actually go into the past of this life or past lives and we can change events.

We can change how we respond to events and open up new potentials and possibilities into the present now moment.

So today is a perfect time to do a practice and rewrite the past.

Get my Change The Past recording here and use the power of simultaneous time.

I will guide you through a past life regression. And then we will do a practice to change the past of your present life.

Was there a path you did not take? A choice you wish you made? We will focus on aligning that probable path with your current path. We will create an intersection point in probabilities so that past probabilities can be attracted to your present life.