14 Days of Giving Love: How do you give yourself love?

We are celebrating the launch of my Allow Love Program by giving love!
Every day between 2/1 and 2/14 we will be giving away one copy of my newly released Allowing Love CD Album. And on Valentine’s Day we will give the grand prize of one free ticket to the Allow Love Program.
All you have to do is in the comments below answer the question of the day.
Come back every day to https://mirakelley.com/blog for a new chance to win.
Today’s question is: How do you give yourself love?
Also, check out the Allow Love Program.
It is a deeply rewarding journey of past life regressions, exercises, mediations, discussions, self-exploration and creation – we are on the ultimate quest to claim love and happiness!
Over the course of 21 days, we will explore your past lives to understand what blocks and challenges you may have within you that you are not even aware of. We will address and remove your deepest inhibitors of love and we will redefine your beliefs of what is possible for you.
On a soul level we have made this appointment long ago. We agreed for me to come into your life at this perfect time. So that I let you see clearly your patterns of how you keep yourself away from love. How you keep yourself away from gifting your magnificence to the world. And how you keep yourself closed off to the love and support that All That Is seeks to constantly shower you with. Now let me guide you and lets heal those patters.
Join me in Allowing Love as I guide and empower you to accept the love you deserve.
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