Can I Have Babies and Still Go Big in My Career?

I just returned from the Big Island of Hawaii and I am still under the spell of it’s beautiful, energy and magic. It makes my heart smile as I think of how people talk story there.

So let’s talk story. Today I have a great one to share!
Maisie is a magnificent manifestor. When we spoke she joyfully showed me her engagement ring along with her wedding band and told me that she manifested her husband. Her big smile told me that this man fulfills her and that she is very happy with him.They have been married for a year. And over the past year they have been “practicing” getting pregnant. That was the word she used – “practicing.” She said she did not believe in the whole thing of her being older. I did not ask her age but I am guessing she was over 40. And she wanted to know if anything is blocking her from past lives in getting pregnant.

I asked her what is the downside to getting pregnant. Maisie is very passionate about her purpose to awaken others. And her vision of how she intends to serve the world is big. So she shared that she is worried how a baby fits into all of this and will she be able to be an good mother without sacrificing her work. And she was also worried about her prior struggles with weight reawakening.

She experienced several different lifetimes and each one was meaningful and provided information and healing. But there is this happy life Maisie relived that I want to tell you about.

Maisie: I am in a diner. I’m in a 1950s diner. I work there. I have a dress on, like a Marylin Monroe dress on. I am happy and I am singing. I am in love.

Mira: Who is the person that you are in love with?

Maisie: It is a man. [She giggled just like a girl in love and kept on giggling while telling me about him.] I’m waiting for him to pick me up. I’m so excited. He looks like he is James Dean. He’s got a leather jacket and a bike. Lovely. Happy and smiling.

Now I am getting on the bike. I feel so free. I think I’m an actress. I’m a waitress and an actress.

Mira: Please tell me about this feeling of freedom.

Maisie: Riding on the bike feels so free and happy, and in love. Anything feels possible.

I can feel how in love we are. I get this warm feeling of having found my soulmate.

Mira: And how does it feel being in your body?

Maisie: Oh! I am sexy! [She was giggling again.] I am curvy and sexy and I feel good.

Next, she and her lover got married. She continued to tell me how happy she was. I asked her what was happening with her work.

Maisie: I am an actress but I’ve also got babies. And I am really happy. When I was pregnant I felt really proud. I am very lucky.

And she relived the death scene she said that she was happy even as she was dying because she accomplished what she was there on Earth to do. I asked what learning can she can take away from this life.

Maisie: It is doable. Anything you want can happen.

Maisie experienced a huge emotional release. She did not need to choose between having babies and pursuing her soul’s calling. I imagine other people have said that to her before our session. But what cleared this block to her getting pregnant is that she experienced it emotionally that she can be very happy in her work and with her family and that she can have it all. Now she knows it like she knows it, like she knows it.

And it is this deep expectancy of knowing her dream is possible and knowing that to the core of her being is what will magnetize her dream to her.

I expect to receive a baby announcement from Maisie and her husband soon.

If you are ready to remove the blocks to having your dream and deeply knowing what it feels like to have it in your life, email me at [email protected] for us to work together.