Dear friends,

It is hard to believe that it has already been three weeks since I requested that you send us your prayers.

My father had a stroke and experienced a number of complications.  Every moment of every day has been very trying for us.  That is why I want to express how much your emails, calls and visits, which have been full of love and support meant and continue to mean to me.

Thank you for having encouraged me to have faith.  Thank you for emailing your friends and asking them to pray and contribute their energy and thoughts of healing.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and having performed intuitive healing and reiki on dad.  Thank you for having read sacred prayers and passages from the Bible and the Koran for dad.  Thank you for having prayed and continue to pray for him in your hearts and with your soul brothers and sisters in your churches.

To each and every one of you I say, “Thank you!”  My gratitude is eternal.

Dad’s condition was very critical until yesterday when our prayers that his high temperature goes away were answered.  It was this turn of events that reminded me how people say that there are no small miracles.  It is so true.  A drop of a few degrees may seem like an insignificant fact but for us this was a real miracle!  It gave us a much-needed breath of relief and infused us with new strength and faith that dad will recover completely.  But most importantly it gave dad the opportunity to begin to improve.

In my heart I hope, pray and believe that God will perform a miracle through dad and that he will recover fully.

Please, friends, continue to support with your prayers and thoughts dad’s complete recovery!

All my love,