Can ASMR Head Tingles Cure Your Insomnia?

The inability to sleep is something experienced by over 50 million people in the US at some point in their lives. With chronic insomnia affecting over 10% of the afflicted, there is a constant need for sleep aids, from drugs to unconventional aids and practices.

In recent times, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) has been explored by an increasing number of insomniacs, with many swearing by its ability to help them fall asleep more often than not. The phenomenon has seen the posting of countless videos on YouTube and other websites, along with a growing following. But, what is ASMR and does the ‘tingling in the head’ sensation it produces actually work in curing insomnia?

What is ASMR?

Well, while ASMR does not have a definitive definition, its triggers are able to bring about what are described as tingling feelings in the head that relax the mind and induce sleep. The triggers vary from ASMR female whispers to paper crumpling scenes in many ASMR YouTube videos. Not everyone is able to experience ASMR but the common belief is that people who don’t have not yet found their trigger. Additionally, it is believed that most people have experienced ASMR as babies.

How does it work?

Currently, there is no major scientific study to explain how ASMR works but anecdotal evidence, supported by many who have experienced better sleep after watching ASMR videos, suggests that it might be linked to serotonin release in the brain. It would seem as if some people are able to become aware of the feel good sensation that results from the release of this hormone, which provides a relaxing enough effect to allow them to fall asleep.

Another theory in existence about the possibility of ASMR in treating insomnia is that ASMR triggers, many of which are based on sounds, can sensitize the body to the point where it experiences mild seizures. These seizures mimic relaxing sleep, curing insomnia in the process.

Want to try ASMR?

If you suffer from insomnia, however mild or severe, trying out ASMR is pretty easy. To begin with, Googling ASMR will take you to hundreds of videos on YouTube and other online platforms that are laced with ASMR triggers. The key is to find one that produces the all-important head tingles, also called brain orgasms, which can trigger the kind of sleep you might be looking for.

Among the most popular videos that many sufferers of insomnia have said helped them finally get restful sleep include ASMR whisper videos; videos with various sound effects, including scratching, clicking, and tinkling; and videos with people who have foreign accents. In addition to videos, ASMR sleep relaxation can also be triggered by receiving personal attention, such as having your hair cut or having someone play in your hair or rub the back of your neck.

Have you tried ASMR for your insomnia situation as yet? Maybe you’ve had a head tingling feeling in the past but didn’t think much about it or thought it could have any effect on your inability to sleep. Whatever the case, there is really no harm in trying. So, the next time you find it difficult to sleep, why not try an ASMR relaxing video and see what happens?