My Mom

My mom is arriving tomorrow.  I am so excited I can hardly wait.

I am blessed with having the most amazing woman as a mom.  She has an infinite capacity for love and patience. Her spirit is joyful and kind. She is selfless and completely devoted to me. She has always been very interested in everything about me – everything I have to say, every friend, every relationship, every school or career choice, every twist and turn in my life.  She has always given me her faith in me and encouraged me to have faith in myself.  She has always been my “believing eyes,” fully supporting my dreams and offering words of wisdom when I need it. No one can make things right the way she could.  She would hold me, pet me on the head and tell me that everything will be all right and that magically makes the world a better place. She knows how to encourage me to be a better person and to celebrate the good things about me. She is my best friend, my inspiration and my companion on the spiritual path.

Her divine energy always nurtures me and nourishes me and I look forward to spending the next couple of weeks with her.  Even though we live a short flight always from each other we do not get to see each other often – may be once or twice a year.  I really look forward to meeting her at the airport tomorrow and giving her the longest and most loving hug.

It is my intent that from now on I will spend more time with my mom.

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