Celebrating Our Earth

It fills my heart with joy to see and hear everyone talking about our Earth today.

To some of you who feel very strongly about the need for selfless action it may seem that the message of protecting our Earth has been cheapened by corporations who are joining the parade just to look good even though they have not changed their practices. (Example: Gray Line, a sightseeing company that runs its buses on fossil fuels, is promoting an “Earth Week” package of trips to green spots in New York City.) And even though I understand the motivation behind corporate actions like those I still appreciate them because they are creating awareness and it is a sign that we as people are moving in the right direction.

When surrounded by slogans calling for reusing, recycling and buying eco-friendly products we may loose sense of why we are taking all these actions.  Therefore, I wanted to take this opportunity and remind us about our connection to our mother Earth.  Caring for our Gaia is not a case of a sick puppy that we are trying to nurture back to health.  We are not separate from nature.  We are not its masters.  We are part of nature.  Realizing this allows us to shed the feeling of being separate and alone and needing to struggle and protect ourselves from nature.  The flowers, the trees, the rivers, the seals and the polar bears are us.  They are a divine expression of the same omnipotent love that created us.  They are our brothers and sisters.  When we take care of them we are taking care of ourselves.  When we take care of our environment we attune back to our source.

Taking action allows us to step into a higher consciousness and relate to our beautiful Earth through the vibration of love in our hearts.  I recently did a past life regression which so wonderfully exemplifies this state of being.  My client experienced a life where people lived in trees.  They were a very developed society which had its downtown area that looked a lot like our downtown areas and shopping malls with walkways that through the pressure of your feet were able to move and take you in the direction you desired.  This was also a society that used flying cars that were navigated through voice commands.  Yet, they had made the conscious choice that nature does not need to be subservient to them.  They did not want to chop down trees in order to build houses.  They lived in houses build in the trees and parked their flying vehicles on platforms on the trees.  One of the most touching moments during that regression for my client was when at night through his window he could see the lights in the other trees around him.  He felt a beautiful sense of being at home, connection and belonging.

Trees are something truly magnificent.  They come from the nurturing, grounding energy of the Earth and stand high into the heavens and the expansive energy of creativity.  Imagine living in that powerful convergence of energies!

I cherish this regression greatly because it gives me faith that we people can and will do it right too.  Today and every day from now on allow yourself to reconnect with Gaia and feel grounded and nurtured in her loving care and with your actions and words express your gratitude and love for her.


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