Epigenetics and Healing with Water

Science is finally catching up with our understanding of the world and our bodies, my spiritual friends!   In the video below Dr. Bruce Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief,  explains the new biology, epigenetics.

This video supports my belief that in our lifetime we will begin healing with water.  I firmly believe that our understanding of the power of our thoughts will evolve drastically so that we will no longer need drugs or medical devices to treat us.  We will use water as the only tool through which to apply the unbound force of our thoughts, focus, intention and imagination.  Water will symbolize healing, purity and the return of the natural balance we are seeking to restore.

Imagine going to a doctor’s office for a water therapy session and having drops of water one after another drip on the area of your body that needs healing!  Imagine lying comfortably, feeling how every drop falls on your skin, how its energy penetrates your cells, shatters the illness, cleanses you and washes always the fragments of the illness.  Meanwhile, music that deepens your state of relaxed focus plays gently in the background. After your water therapy session is over you go about your day feeling restored, renewed and feeling an amazing sense of being in control of your body, creating your body.

Imagine how when you have one of those conditions that bother us all the time (such as allergies, headaches, runny noses) you drink a glass of water and you focus your intent on feeling healed and in no time you really are!

Healing with water is what the future holds for us!  And I am convinced that with time scientists will reach the same conclusion.

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