I Am Reading: Essene Book of Meditation and Blessings

I came across a small book called Essene Book of Meditation and Blessings by Danaan Parry.  The book has been inspired by the writings found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The author presents meditations and blessings which help attune us to the energy and cycles of nature.

The book follows the earth’s seasonal cycles and the beginning of each season is marked by solstice.  Here is a meditation found a few days after the winter solstice.

The promise, the prophecy, is within me.

That which I have waited for is now present.

No longer need I fear.

Within me shines

The first glimmering of the Light,

And I am filed with the awareness

That the fulfilling of the prophecy

Is not a thing apart from me;

It is me.

As the first small rays of the sun

Return to my world,

I, too, return slowly to the world of form.

I humbly accept the mantle of that which I AM.

As I merge my light

With the light of all beings of Light,

I surrender to my own divinity.

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