Intuition About Rain

I can see the rain drops being smudged with force on my window. It started raining only a minute ago as I entered my home. I am still awash with an overwhelming sense of euphoria so I decided to share with you how the whole story developed.

A few moments ago I was sitting behind my desk at work when out of nowhere a very urgent idea popped into my mind. I don’t even know how it happened or where it came from but it was very clear – leave right away because it will be raining very soon. My first reaction was to say in my mind “What?” as I was perplexed by the urgent feeling and by the information it carried. Next, I instinctively looked out of my window to see how did the sky look. It was grey as if threatening to unleash an outpour any moment. That surprised me because at lunchtime it was sunny and beautiful outside. “How did the weather change so quickly?” I asked myself.

You will find what I did next very funny. I went to to check the weather and see if it will really be raining any moment now!!! I cannot help but laugh at my reaction! It was no enough that an urgent intuitive feeling told me to leave right away or I’ll get drenched when I walk home. It was not enough that the sky looked ominous. My human, analytical, thinking mind wanted proof! And guess what?! was saying that it would be raining any moment now!

As I was fighting my way through the strongest wind you could imagine a few raindrops began making their way to the ground. However, I arrived home dry and with a heart filled with gratitude.

It is so wonderful to know that I am being taken care of by the universe even in the smallest of ways. Intuition does not always need to be about big and important things. It also is about the small things that makes you feel constantly guided, loved and supported in your journey through life.

It amazes me to think how beautiful and effortless a life of synchronicities is. All I had to do is be open to the information and then act on it. And notice when the information was given to me. It was not given to me in the morning when the sunny bright sky promised a great day. It was not given to me at lunchtime when it would have been an amusing thought, which I could have easily forgotten by the afternoon. It was given to me at the exact time I needed to know it and at the exact moment I was able to act on it.

A life of synchronicities – now, that is a life I am excited to live!

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