No Such Thing As Writer’s Block

I found the following quote in Wayne Dyer’s book “Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling” and wanted to share it with you:

“[M]any years ago I believed in something called “writer’s block,” those times when ideas simply refused to flow.  Today I have a very different point of view: I know that in some way, God writes all the books and builds all the bridges.  Now when I sit down to write, I expect ideas to flow through me and onto the pages.  I feel as if I’m a vibrational match to ideas that want to be expressed in the words I write; consequently, I know that these are ideas whose time has come—they’re matching up with me right here, right now, and they can’t be stopped.

If I ask myself, “Where does what appears on this paper really come from?”  I know that I don’t own them.  The words flow from Spirit to physical manifestation because I allow myself to be a receiving agent who’s wiling to transcribe them on pieces of paper that will eventually be a book.  I expect these ideas to be here and know that they can’t be stopped.  I sit here awestruck and in a state of love and gratitude for being able to be used in such an inspirational way…”

I find this quote to be so inspiring.  I have never battled with the invisible beast called “writer’s block” which is the archenemy of armies of writers.  And I know that I never will.  This is such a beautiful example of the principle that our expectations create our life.

When we expect an outcome be it on the basis of previous experience or cultural myths, such as the “writer’s block,” we put ourselves on the look out for signs that will signal that what we feared the most is coming.  We believe that we are preparing ourselves better this way, that we are being “realistic.”  Needless to say, along the way we missed many other signs or events which could have predicted a different outcome and delivered us to a different result.  Therefore, my friends, expect what you desire.  Expect what is truly the best for you.  Yet, remain flexible and open for divine guidance to infuse you and move through you.