February Special Bundle


Get Mira's Allowing Love Album – CD Version and Mira's Allowing Love Bracelet.

Both for $39.00, a savings of 66%



Allowing Love Album – CD Version

This powerful two-part album consists of a talk and a meditation. Mira guides you through the feelings and questions faced while exploring the topic of love. Delve into the true nature of your insecurities, self-image, confidence and personal misconceptions. Mira will help you understand your relationship and to understand your patterns and challenges in meeting your need for love. With her help you will redefine your core beliefs and reaffirm that you are worthy of unconditional love and support.


Allowing Love Bracelet

Made with Rose Quartz and Hill Tribe Silver Heart Pendant, the Allowing Love Bracelet was created to help you bring love into your life. Wear this piece to affirm your intent to experience a loving relationship. Trust that you are worthy of giving and receiving true love.


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