Rethnea’s 2009 NCAA Championship Picks

I did my picks for the 2009 NCAA Championship on March 22, after the second round was over and the teams competing at the third round were known.

Here are my predictions:

Louisville vs. Arizona → Arizona will win.

Kansas vs. Michigan State → Michigan State will win.

Connecticut vs. Perdue → I picked Connecticut and I was right.

Missouri vs. Memphis → I picked Missouri and I was right.

Pittsburg vs. Xavier → Pittsburg will win.

Villanova vs. Duke → I picked Duke, however, Villanova won.

North Carolina vs. Gonzaga → North Carolina will win.

Syracuse vs. Oklahoma → Oklahoma will win.

On the next round I have the following teams:

Arizona vs. Michigan State → Michigan State will win.

Connecticut vs. Missouri → Missouri will win.

Pittsburg vs. Villanova → Villanova will win.  I initially had Duke here with Duke winning against Pittsburg, however, since they lost last night (March 26) I am giving the name of the right team here, even though I feel that in the big scheme of things it will not make a difference because Pittsburg will be defeated.

North Carolina vs. Oklahoma → North Carolina will win.

For the last four teams:

Michigan State vs. Missouri → Michigan State will win.

Villanova vs. North Carolina → North Carolina will win.

For the championship game:

Michigan State vs. North Carolina → Michigan State will win and will be the 2009 NCAA Tournament Champion.

Let’s see if my intuition was right on any of these.

If any of you use this information to bet on a game and win, please use some of the money to give to someone who needs it, to a charity or use it in a way that will bring good to the world.  It is very important that we share the gifts we are given with those around us in a loving and supportive way.