The Secrets We Keep

What is your secret? This video teaches you – How your secrets disempower you and how to use them to liberate yourself? Email me at [email protected] to work with me. Subscribe to my youtube channel

The New Moon Opens Up Your Purpose

These mystical times are here to support you to work on your purpose, on career, and on money. February 23 is a New Moon in Pisces. The New Moon in Pisces is best dedicated to our purpose in the cosmic seas. To align with the Divine and offer our work as a prayer to...

Remove Your Prosperity Blocks

Can having a lack of money be a protection inherited from a past life? Can a block to prosperity be removed by reconnecting with a past life? Maria was doing inner change of her beliefs and emotions on prosperity. In a quiet moment of facing the challenging inner...

How to Own Your Own Energy

Learn how to manage your energy and how you can continue to feel good in the moment, even when outside circumstances provoke you and trigger you. Please let us know in the comments below how do you manage your energy.  

Cannot Find Relationship

Angela’s question about why she is alone even though she is a loving and compassionate person can really hit home. So many of us struggle with closeness with our family, friends, coworkers and partners. There can be daily reminders that we are lacking the...