Anxiety Around The Coronavirus Pandemic? Do This!


Today it officially happened. The World Health Organization declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

And today is the day I finally decided to stock up on some food in case there is a lock down in Los Angeles.

Just before I walked into the store, I read the news about the official WHO designation. My anxiety quickly escalated.

No, I don’t have fears of getting sick. But the global panic, the economy being affected and knowing that our old/normal way of life would be forever changed and from now on nothing will ever be the same, really got me.

Once I was done shopping, I texted my family in a group text and announced — “Finally stocked up on some food. And my anxiety is through the roof.”

So I sat there and I did what I knew to do. I was breathing intentionally. I tapped. I talked to myself. And I felt better.

If you are panicking today too, please watch my youtube video on how to sooth a panic attack. And repeat over and over — “I am safe. I am well now. All will be well. God is taking care of me.

I will have a lot more resources for you. It is always my mission to help and serve. So I will be bringing you very practical ways to help you stay calm and to support your psyche and immune system from within.

Big hugs and I love you. You are not alone. I am here for you.

P.S. If you want my one on one personal support to help you with the anxiety and the fears, email me at [email protected] and let’s work together.