ASMR Explained: What does that Head Tingling Sensation Mean

In the past few years, an increasing number of people have admitted that they experienced tingling sensations in their head at some point in their lives. As more articles and videos surface online confirming the existence of ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, many have started to ask what the head tingling means and why they get them.

So far, no one has come up with a full understanding of ASMR and scientific studies into the area have not been plenty or far-reaching enough. However, anecdotal evidence has narrowed it down to a level of spirituality. These are some of the facts that have been arrived at as a result:

  • Fact 1: Most people have had an ASMR experience before

That’s right; most people can recall getting tingling sensations in the head when someone had massaged their head, whispered to them or even when they went to the dentist. However, as many people get older, for some reason(s), the head tingles stop for many and some people don’t even remember having them. While fewer adults than children have ASMR head tingles, also called brain tingles, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will never have them, they just probably haven’t encountered the right ASMR triggers as yet.


  • Fact 2: ASMR head tingling is triggered by numerous stimuli

From the sound of a whisper, to watching raindrops hit the glass, there are numerous unexplainable triggers that can bring about the tingling and some provide more intense reactions. Among the most common triggers include listening to whispers, which is common in many female whisper videos; getting the head and face massaged with the fingertips; other body massages; scratching sounds; different kinds of music; and getting personal attention, such as haircuts and doctor examinations.


  • Fact 3: ASMR can bring about relaxation, positive feelings, and also induce sleep

These are among the top benefits cited by many people who experience ASMR head tingles, whether involuntarily, from their own actions, or from watching videos. Many adults have used it on themselves and on their babies to experience better sleep, relax more often and improve their moods.

The thought process is that the tingling sensation somehow relieves tension as it spreads out to the shoulders and other parts of the body, relaxing muscles in the process. Others liken the feeling to a brain orgasm, hence the internet term braingasm, pointing out that it provides the same feelings of intense pleasure and relaxation, except that it’s not sexual.


  • Fact 4: People use ASMR meditation to help overcome fears and better understand their bodies

As more people share their experiences, ASMR meditation has become more popular. Today, there are many ASMR YouTube videos of meditation sessions where people are able to tap into energies within and reconnect with themselves. People are also learning to control the head tingling sensations that they get and even directing them to the parts of their bodies that they want to.

Do you get ASMR head tingling sensations from time to time that you weren’t able to explain? Hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of what they are now. You can get further insight by checking out the growing list of ASMR videos available online.

Here is one amazing one: