What is Karma?

What is karma?

Karma is the soul’s desire for balance in its life experiences. Karma is not punishment for known or unknown deeds in this life or a past life. There is no Divine being of light “up there” judging you and keeping score. Karma is self-imposed. Every soul grows by experiencing existence from different points of view in its incarnations.

And how can karma affect your current life?

The reason why we continue to incarnate here on Earth working through the same theme life after life is because we do not fully understand and own that we create our reality when we are amidst the challenges of our lessons.

Karma is not meant to disempower us. Karma is mean to guide us. When limiting patterns, we call karma, appear we refuse to look and understand the energy and its gifts.

How can we work with the energy of karma?

Karmic patterns bring you the message that you are not in alignment with your core, divine, soul essence. When you experience being blocked and stuck in a certain area of your life, study the patterns and allow for the core limiting belief to become known to you. Address it through past life regression or any other healing modality that you use. And realign with your true essence. Karma is meant to empower you so that you address the issues, heal them and grow through them by bringing more of your divine self into every day life.




What are the signs that you are experiencing a karmic connection with someone? How can we become more aware of these signs?

As souls we travel together through the different incarnations we have. Deep instant love, intimate closeness or an unexplainable dislike are clear signs of reconnecting with a soul you have deeply loved or who deeply hurt you in another life.

Why are we drawn to our karmic connections? What purpose do they hold in our lives?

Prior to incarnating we make plans on what are the themes and issues we want to explore. We also include in our plans souls who we can work with who can help us by triggering our issues or empowering us through them.

Are we always fated to meet with people that we have karmic ties with? E.g. Are we destined to meet the same soulmate in each lifetime or would it only occur if there were unresolved issues to solve?

To best address this question, let me first offer you my understanding of destiny and free will.

I like to think of destiny as the themes, the lessons we set up for ourselves to learn before we dive into an incarnation. We set up a framework of challenges to master and work through. These lessons are self-imposed. There are no requirements to meet, other than our own desire for growth and for mastering our abilities as the powerful creators of realities. Therefore, even in the setting up of our destiny there is full free will.

Once we come into an incarnation, we continue to exercise free will. We have the ability to work through our themes in any way we choose. Some of us a very aggressive in our desire for growth and ardently pursue the light while piling on as many challenges as we can. For others even if we have the ability to get on with learning our lessons we may choose not to engage because our fears hold us back.

We may choose to make appointments with people prior to being born on Earth but because we have free will once we are on Earth we may choose other avenues for the unfolding in our lives. Therefore, the initial pre-life plan will be amended. In our dreams we continuously check in with our Higher Self, our guides and angels and the souls of other people and we constantly tweak the possibilities of how to best learn what we have set out to accomplish in this life.

If a karmic connection is having a detrimental impact on our current life, how can we go about breaking the cycle to avoid repetition in a future life?

By fully understanding the lesson, forgiving, and then compassionately letting go. If we simply try to run away without having learned and forgiven, then another kind soul will come into our life and will try to teach us the same lesson. And hopefully sooner or later it will hit us that we are having a karmic pattern that needs to be resolved. And we will dedicate ourselves to healing it and realigning with our true essence.

Finally, do you have a particular exercise that you would recommend to assist with cutting negative karmic ties?

Here are a few steps you can easily follow:

1. Redefine karma as an opportunity to realign with your natural, expansive, divine self.

2. Become aware of your karmic pattern. Awareness is the beginning of the healing journey.

3. In your journal write down the answer to this question: What do I believe to be true and to be a clear fact about this pattern. Your beliefs are thoughts and assumptions about reality that you continue to re-experience. Your beliefs are what you use to create and perceive your reality.

4. Do a past life regression. You can use one of my guided regression recordings that you can find at mirakelley.com or reach out to work with me in person. The regression will help you to deeply and profoundly understand and heal these limiting patterns.

5. Go back to your list of beliefs and create a list of new, positive and supportive statements on this topic. Reinforce these then beliefs in every possible way through actions, thoughts and speech.

6. Remind yourself continuously through this process—You create every aspect of your reality. You hold the power to create a life of joy, love, happiness and fulfillment.