What does a woman want?

I was just speaking with a man. And the topic was — What does a woman want?

Well … everything?!!! 😉

And what will allow a woman to give a man everything?

The secret is so simple. Make her feel safe and loved.

Please notice the order. It is important — first safe and then loved.

There are two levels to the safety requirement.

The first level of safety is physical safety. He needs to make her feel safe and protected from the world. That she can lean on him and trust him. To hold her hand when the two of you are walking down the worn out steps on the Great Wall at a scary incline. To listen to her when she comes home from work stressed out. To sooth her fears and to remind her, “I’ve got you. You can count on me.”

The second level of safety a man has to provide a woman is emotional safety. He needs to allow her to be herself fully and completely – expressive, charming, magical, messy, emotional. All of it!

And then loving her.

Sadly, unlike getting a college degree, making your woman feel safe and loved is not a one time accomplishment.

It is a practice. No matter how well you did yesterday, today you have to do it again.

Yes, it is work. But it is rewarding and fulfilling and so worth it. Because when you are her hero, her man she will give you everything.


Everything you ever wanted. And a whole lot more you never dreamt possible.

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