A New Way to Think About the Lottery

We were driving on one of New York City’s highways when I saw a huge billboard announcing that the Megamillions had reached $124 million.

“How great!” I thought to myself. “I have to buy a ticket.  I want to contribute my energy to this wave that is building up.  I want to make my own contribution to the incredible gift that this money will be for someone.”

I recognized that this was a new way for me think about the lottery.  The conversation in my head continued:

“I want to support someone’s dream in the same way that people support my dreams.”

“But wait!” screamed my ego. “What about me?  What about me winning the lottery? Why can’t I win the lottery if I am putting all this energy into it?”

The wiser part of me – the part that felt so giving – replied with a smile:

“Maybe you will someday.”

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