Trusting the Universe

An essential part of manifesting what you feel passionate about is the ability to let go and surrender.

For the longest time this concept did not makes sense to me.  I saw it as a contradiction of the idea of creation.  After all, when you are excited about something and fully love something you don’t say, “Now that was enough,” and go about your marry way.  A true passion required true devotion.  It seemed to me that it was only appropriate to give your dream all you energy, all your attention, to fully involve all of your imagination and the creative power of your feelings – constantly.

Have you been taught since you were little that to achieve your goals you had to begin by creating a plan, following through the different steps with perseverance and the ability to postpone rewards till the end?  I was.  I was told that to become someone and get somewhere in life I had to work hard and leave no stone unturned until I achieved my goals.  This is a way of perceiving the world and operating in society that is based on sheer will.  Behind the belief “I make everything happen” there is no grace, no life-giving energy.  There is only a bullish kind of pursuit that is fueled by force.

I simultaneously believed in a magical approach to life and in needing to find ways to bring my dreams to fruition.  As you can imagine this contradiction in beliefs created so much frustration in my life.  I would lovingly apply all my energy, imagination, excitement and passion to create in my mind’s eye that which I desired but then I wouldn’t release it to the Universe trusting that the Universe will make my dream happen.  I would keep the focus on my dream and use all my mental power to try to figure out how to make it happen.

And that is where the problem lied. The only data our physical minds know is patterns, methods and conclusions based on past experiences.  When you leave it to your mind to figure out your future you are not creating.  You are only re-creating the past.  Your thinking mind is not connected to the invisible field of energy and information that is all around you.  Only your higher self is.  Your higher self has the benefit of looking at things from a higher ground and seeing all the synchronicities that would occur, giving you all the moments of information, opportunities and inspiration that you need.  Therefore, leaving your desire in the hands of the universe and trusting that it will be is an equally important ingredient in the creation of manifestation.

Once you spend time immersing yourself in your dream release it to All That Is. Know that you have already set the wheels of creation in motion, so trust!

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