Dance Music For The Soul

On Saturday night a wonderful group of friends, my sweetheart and I were at the Uhuru Afrika dance party in Boston.

As we were dancing to some really awesome beats I was wondering how the vibration of the sound around us was affecting our bodies, each and every cell of our bodies, our minds and our souls.

Then it occurred to me – how would we be affected if we danced to music that heals us and empowers us. It would not be music that is about strife, longing, struggle, feelings of confusion and loneliness, unrequited love that is layered with dance beats. It would be music that moves us to a higher level of joy, empowerment and keener awareness of the divine light in us.

When your feet move to the beat of a song and you get carried away by the tune you forget about thinking, about processing everything through your mind. In that moment you allow yourself to be. You express who you are at your core, you express who you imagine yourself to be. You are in direct contact with your soul. The creative energy in you is awakened and with every move you experience and explore more of who you are and who you wish to be.

I imagined the exalting effect of combining the creative power of movement and dance with sound vibration and messages that support your limitless self, and I felt inspired. I wanted to create music like that. The desire to create dance music for the soul felt like a true heart desire.

On Monday morning as I walked into the office I saw a 25 cent coin on the floor. I picked it up thinking that it is my lucky charm for the day. I looked at the coin and this is what I saw:

I laughed out loud. What a diving joke! What a divine nudging! It was as if the universe was saying to me, “Forget the notion that you do not know anything about creating music. That moment of inspiration on the dance floor was us speaking to you. The idea continues to excite you because it is a true expression of your soul. Now do something about it!”

To bring some rhythm to your feet you can listen to and watch Afrobeta Bodega Tv.

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