I was flying!

S. registered for my upcoming regression workshop in Washington DC and wrote to me:

I have been to Mira’s previous workshop {in Washington DC} in February and my life changed dramatically for the better ever since!

Before her last workshop I was emailing you to ask if I could still regress under antidepressants, this time I am coming with a huge smile on my lips. Not only my depression went away but all the problems in my love life changed almost immediately after her workshop just like magic! The changes that happen within me after her workshop keep on and on and I am so amazed of how much better everything is ever since. And the guest that I bring in is my boyfriend who loves me and whom I love.

For a while now I wanted to share my story but most of all I really wanted to say a big thank you! From all my heart and to you and everyone else that help us heal and change!

This email touched me so much! I love what I do. And similarly to doves, I release my love, my words, my gifts into the world not knowing what happens after they leave me — if they are received, if they are appreciated, if they helped. I let them carry their messages without any expectations as to what outcomes they need to create. And then out of the blue an email like that comes. And I receive the greatest confirmation to keep going, to keep sharing, to keep creating.

I reached out to S. asking her if I can share her story. She agreed and told me the details.

I would be honored if Mira would share my story as she gave so much to me!

Before coming to her workshop I was suffering from abandonment issues that started in my childhood. Only a week before Mira’s workshop I called my friend desperate and I told her I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take the anger towards myself after every failed relationship and I couldn’t take anymore the fear of being alone or the despair of feeling abandoned after every failed attempt for a relationship. I was lowering my standards more and more and I was treated worse and worse every time. There was no way out and I was willing to try anything. My friend insisted that the only way I could get out of this was to do a past regression. As I was talking with my friend on the phone she started to surf the web for Mira’s worshop. Just by miracle, her next workshop was 3 days ahead so my friend told me I should really go. She had told me about this a while ago, but I was afraid I would find out painful stories in my regression and that I would be traumatized afterwards. All these reasons stopped me before but I decided I really had to do something quickly.

At the workshop itself, I had the most beautiful experience in my entire life. I was flying! I had huge feather wings and I could see stars and galaxies. When we imagine how it would be to fly, we only imagine what we would see, but in my regression what I felt was so much more! I felt also so much freedom and I have seen so much beauty! It really was the best thing I have ever experienced in my life so far! At the end of the workshop, Mira guided us to ask one question to our higher self. So I did. I asked what should I know about me feeling so abandoned. The answer was very short: “You are so much more!” I was a bit confused of the answer and I asked back: “So much more than what?”. The answer still makes me cry even now after I remember it. It said “So much more than being just abandoned here!”

After the worshop I didn’t have any single more failure in my love life. I decided I would stop searching for love and focus on myself. I knew this is what I was supposed to do anyway if I were to find the right relationship and the right person but I just couldn’t before.­­ Before, I was too afraid of being single. That was all before. After the workshop, it was less than a month and the best man I’ve ever met found me instead. We had just moved in together after less than 6 months since our first date and things couldn’t look better for us!

Thank you so much!


I am deeply moved and feel blessed that I was able to be there for S. I know the Divine had orchestrated her healing perfectly.

Please send me your stories of healing and transformation through my workshops. And please join me for an event. I would love to guide you to knowing that “You are so much more!