Practicing Sacred Sexuality

Have you wondered about sacred sexuality? Have you wanted your intimate moments to be more profound but not been able to have that?

Gloria came to me for a past life regression in a state of deep sexual anxiety and fear. She had been recently married but was still distant from her husband and lacking any confidence in her beauty or sexual strength. Having been sexually abused as a child, she was hoping to find the answers by connecting with a past life. Our regression session was very revealing and powerful and she found exactly what she was looking for. Gloria began:

Gloria: I am in ancient Egypt and I am a young, beautiful queen. I feel that I am in touch with my sexuality and that it is very empowering. My current husband is my king and we are surrounded by thousands of people. Our teaching is all about love.

Mira: What is the king like?

Gloria: He is beautiful, maybe seven feet tall with broad shoulders, dark skin and eyes. I love my body and use it to love my husband, my king. My sexual energy is only for my husband but it is like a nurturing power. I can see the vibrations. It is beautiful but looking at myself now, I don’t understand. I don’t know where it is all coming from.

Mira: How does he accept your love and sexual energy?

Gloria: He just takes it. He is so powerful but has no ego. We are just the king and queen and we spread love. Everyone is living to their highest purpose, their callings and there is no competition among our followers. There is unconditional love among these thousands of people.

Mira: Find a private moment between you and your husband. Describe it to me.

Gloria: I have a clear picture of our sexual passion. There is energy spiraling through our chakras – through our heads. The energy is palpable. It feels like we are healing the world with this energy coming out of our heads. He has the same energy and it just feels perfect and right. It is not about our physical pleasure but rather, it is about spreading the energy of love.

Gloria was witnessing herself in another life experiencing deep, passionate sexual power. I was delighted to hear her describe to me a life in which she felt empowered in her body and in her openness to intimacy. Often times, lives in which we are successfully handling our present day challenges are the most healing experiences we can have. I wanted Gloria to feel how safe and fulfilling it was to receive the love of her partner, so I asked her:

Mira: Are you receptive to your husband’s energy?

Gloria: Yes, I feel protected and safe. My energy ignites his and makes him more powerful. We are totally connected and aware of the magic we are spreading. We do not have intercourse for pleasure but to spread love among our people. We are also being taught. I see scrolls in the sky and in cave paintings, like hieroglyphics. We study them like PhD students. We are at the top of our society, being asked to bring this energy to help heal the world. Our world needs it and we are honored and grateful to have been asked.

Mira: Go back to the scrolls. Tell me more about the studying and healing.

Gloria: The scroll looks like words from another language but I can still read them. I feel like I am opening my brain to receive a different level of understanding and cleansing. I can speak holy words but not in my native tongue, more like chanting. My king is next to me and we are receiving energy, like bright white light, illuminating us. I know I can’t do it alone – I am teaching him and have chosen him – he is my king. Our energy has merged and we can spread the energy and healing.

Gloria was experiencing the merging of the divine masculine energy with the divine feminine energy. She was describing to me the sacred sexual practices that were being taught to temple priestesses in Ancient Egypt. Synchronistically, at that time I was reading Sublime Union by Mercedes Kirkel, a book that delved into this very subject, so I was immediately able to recognize the validity and extraordinary importance of what she was describing.

As Gloria’s spirit was leaving the physical body at the end of that life, she said:

Gloria: I learned that I can spread healing and that the Earth needs so much healing right now. I don’t have to be afraid of my body, it is beautiful and I can feel empowered.

Next, with my guidance, Gloria encountered her spirit guides. They communicated that Gloria has a natural ability to help others heal. She was told, that one of the advantages of the human body is that sexual energy can be used in a spiritual way. In this life, she learned she can create a vibration that can spread and heal other people.

As a little girl, Gloria wasn’t ready to harness the tremendous power of the pure love of the heart expressed as her sexuality. It was too much, so the trauma of the sexual abuse served to give her safety by closing off, because the fear kept her from opening to intimate experiences. The lifetime was given to her because it was time to heal the trauma and release the negative energy of fear for it had already served its purpose. It was time for Gloria to claim her power.

Let Gloria’s story inspire you. Approach your moments of making love as an opportunity to practice sacred sexuality. Feel the pure energy of love rise through your chakras. Use it to connect deeply and join into oneness with your partner and Source. Practice the merging of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies so that you know your wholeness and the creative and healing power of your sexual energy.