How to Detox Your Body

Edgar Cayce, a prominent 20th century psychic, recommends an apple diet for detoxing your body.  Edgar Cayce says that people should not eat raw apples, however, he advises that we eat raw apples as a purification routine.  Here are some excerpts from his readings which describe the raw apple diet:

No raw apples; or if raw apples are taken, take them and nothing else – three dates of raw apples only, and then olive oil, and we will cleanse all toxic forces from any system!  Raw apples are not well unless they are the jenneting variety.  Apples cooked, apples roaster, are good.”

“Occasionally – not too often – take the periods for the cleansing of the system with the use of the apple diet; that is: At least for three days – two days or three days – take nothing except applesraw apples! Of course, coffee may be taken if so desired, but no other foods but the raw apples.  And after the last meal of apples of the third day, or upon retiring on that evening following the last meal of apples, drink half a cup of olive oil.”

“Jenniting variety” is an obsolete term for apples such as Delicious, Oregon Reds, Arkansas Blacks, Jonathan and Sheep Nose.  Pick apples that are organic and free of chemicals since your purpose is to detox your body.  Avoid the temptation to eat a big meal the night before you begin the raw apple diet.  Have a salad or something else that is light and nutritious.  Use this meal as an opportunity to put yourself in a positive state of mind that you will be doing something very loving for yourself and you wholeheartedly believe it is best for you.

An important note about coffee: In a different reading Edgar Cayce elaborates that even though we may drink coffee while on the raw apple diet it is important for us not to use milk or cream.  Here is what he says: “You may drink coffee if you desire, but do not put milk or cream in it, especially while you are taking the apples.”

The raw apple diet is not meant to be a weight loss diet but a cleansing diet, therefore, Edgar Cayce says “But don’t go without the apples – eat them – all you can – at least five or six apples each day. Chew them up, scrape them well. Drink plenty of water, and follow the three-day diet with the big dose of olive oil.”

Approach the raw apple diet as a self-loving and self-nurturing practice, as a wonderful gift that you are giving your body.  During these three days do things that nurture your spirit and your body, such as take candle-lit baths, long hot showers, meditate or massage your feet.  And most importantly – allow your life and your body to slow down and have plenty of rest.  A “regular Apple Diet would be well for the body – but don’t try to work like a horse when you are on the Apple Diet! or else we will find it will be more detrimental than helpful!”

You can combine the raw apple diet with an internal bath on the third day.  Edgar Cayce says, “Every one – everybody – should take an internal bath occasionally, as well as an external one.  They would all be better off if they would.”  Enemas are another great way to cleanse your body.  They leave you feeling lighter, more energized and give you the wonderful feeling of being good to yourself.  You can learn more about enemas here and here.

I hope you decide to do the raw apple diet and colon cleanse as a detox routine for your body.

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