On Generosity

As you travel on the true path of your soul you come to appreciate that being generous is not defined by the act of giving money.

Being generous is about sharing the infinite abundance of love, compassion and understanding which your spirit is endowed with.

You express your generosity with every genuine smile you give to a stranger or in the patient kindness you bestow when a waiter in a busy restaurant takes longer to bring you your order.  Some of us feel that they share best their gifts with the world when they deliver meals to homebound elderly people.  Others feel that they give in the best possible way when they touch someone’s heart with a compliment that truly expresses how special someone is.  The ways in which you can be generous every moment of everyday are endless.

Swami Sivananda, a spiritual teacher, expresses the essence of being generous so well when he says:

The best thing to give

your enemy is forgiveness;

to an opponent, tolerance;

to a friend, your heart;

to your child, a good example;

to your father, deference;

to you mother, conduct that will make her proud of you;

to your self, respect;

to all men, charity.


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