I am weeping from joy!

Today is such a celebratory, important day for me! I really am weeping from joy.

Even though I am not amongst the crowd in front of the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. waving banners and giving hugs of joy to strangers, in spirit I am with them. Millions of us are celebrating on a soul level and saying – Yes! Finally! Love prevailed!

Today the Supreme Court found the constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

Many years ago, as soon as the law was passed in Massachusetts and the state became the first in the US to allow gay marriage, my beloved and I applied for a marriage license. The license application form referred to the members of the couple as Party A and Party B—not “man” and “woman.” We were proud to wed in a state that respected us and recognized our love as important as the love shared by any gay couple.

In the years that followed the human side of LGBT struggles and joys moved in with me. I held the hands and hearts of so many clients helping them to heal from the pain of being rejected for being different, for being themselves. I rejoiced when friends and clients let go of the judgments and all the shoulds and opened their hearts to loving their same-sex lovers even more deeply. I told stories of how people experienced themselves as gay men in past lives and how that healed present day-challenges. I celebrated with a gay couple who were able to have children through a surrogate mother. Now they are the proud and very busy parents of triplets. I loved it when my niece told me as a matter of fact that her friend at school made two cards for Mother’s Day for her two moms. Love cannot be contained.

Today the US became the 21 country in the world to give the right to same-sex marriage. From now on it is not about “same-sex marriage” or “opposite-sex marriage” any more. It simply is about “marriage.”

The legal right was won. And we need to pause and celebrate the expansion of our consciousness into the Light. This is a significant milestone.

But our work continues for each one of us.

Our personal expansion and growth into love continues. Our need to heal our love stories of lack, struggle and rejection is present.

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Give yourself the right to experience great and profound love. This is a decision only you can make.

With all my love,