EFT Tapping Session for Anxiety & Sadness


You too? 😉😅

What a crazy week we all went through in the US. It started off on Monday as any other week. A sweeping wave of changes – shutdowns, cancelations of events, working virtually, school closures, empty store shelves, stock market drops, recession fears, endless toilet paper jokes, travel bans, pandemic designation, social distancing and self-quarantines – all these moved through us so rapidly and by Friday life for all of us is already different.

I recorded this video to guide you through a tapping round to move the anxiety and sadness provoked by all this.

Please rest. We all need to rest this weekend.

And please go back to love and gratitude. Practice gratitude for all that is good and right in your life. Be loving and take comfort in being present with the people around you.

Please use all the resources I’ve been putting out and continue to put out to find peace in the panic.

Join me for an online workshop on March 22 to work through all the anxiety, fears and worries. https://mirakelley.com/events/march-22-online-workshop

Meanwhile, trust and surrender. This too shall pass and we all will emerge better for it.