India Awaits!

When I was little, I loved taking a bed sheet and wrapping it around myself. I pretended it was a sari. When an Indian woman who was a neighbor of ours gave me a few bindis, I was thrilled beyond belief. I used to place a little red dot between my eyebrows and me pretending that I am a Hindu woman felt even more real. I began this pretend game when I was 4 years old.

Now I realize my fascination with saris and bindis was highly unusual. Communist Bulgaria of the 1980s was not a multi-cultural melting pot. Our Indian neighbor was one of a handful of Hindu people in the whole country. Why did I choose to play being a Hindu as opposed to a Peruvian, a Cuban or an African woman? It makes me wonder.

There have been many other signs along the way. These days I still don’t know why I love everything Indian so much but I am going on a journey to India to find out. I suspect the answer lies in a past life.

This journey will be about discovering India — its rich traditions, culture, colors, smells and sights. But it will also be a journey about me discovering more of myself and my own heritage. India awaits!

Has India been calling you? Join me on a spiritual journey through India. The adventure will stir up our memories and the past life regressions we will do will reveal them.

Our dates are February 15 – March 1, 2014. You can see the places we will visit at
Join me. This will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Watch this video and savor what is to come!