It’s Our Birthday! is celebrating its first birthday today!

A year ago the desire to share, to inspire, to encourage people reached a point where it could no longer be contained.  It was an idea whose time has come.  It was an idea that found a loving home inside my heart, grew strong by the moment and gathered so much energy that I had no other option but to transcend my own doubts and limitations and to act on the higher calling that I felt.

And I am so glad I did! I am filled with a marvelous sense of living on purpose, following what excites me and having a meaningful existence every time I connect to the vibration of Rethnea, the vibration of every post and the vibration that the Rethnea community has created around this blog.  Thank you for connecting to this vibration too and for magnifying the intensity of the love around us.

It is with great joy that I look forward to the changes that are coming to  Currently, I am working with two great people on creating the platform for Rethnea’s growth.  We are changing the structure and the look of the site so that it is more representative of who Rethnea has become and so that we can give you a lot more in content and greater experience.

The second change that has been under way for two months now is the translation of the blog in 13 languages.  Why 13, you ask? I want to bring this blog and the inspiration it provides to as many people around the world as possible.  I had certain languages in mind and while going back and forth in making the arrangements all of a sudden, to my own surprise, I realized that I have agreed to 13 languages.  My first though was “But wait! Isn’t 13 an unlucky number?”  However, I chose to trust that there was a reason behind this convergence of events.  Within a few days of this realization I learned why things have formed themselves this way.

The number 13 is the number of change. To both numerologists and tarot readers, 13 is a number of transformation. It calls for a study of your basic principles, what you believe in. It attracts changes in the way you define everything in your life and that leads to shifts in your worldview and your existence. How appropriate then that Rethnea should be translated in 13 languages, right?

As you can see, a wonderful expansion is taking form for Rethnea.  Thank you for being part of it.  I look forward to continuing to bring light to you and helping you fully connect and live in your spirit every day of your life.

With all my love,


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