Why Do I Get Sick After A Past Life Regression?

Catherine posted this question on my Facebook page: “Hi Mira, I just have a small question: I have started a regression therapy, did 4 session’s now. I basically work on ‘fear’ since the reason I went to see a therapist is that all of a sudden during horseriding I went into a huge fear without no apparent reason. A lot has changed already in my life and I’m very grateful, however it’s peeling away all the layers of the onion, and it takes time and patience. My question: after a session, I often feel sick for a couple of days or more, is this normal? How do I best cope with this. Thanks! Catherine (Belgique)”

This is what I answered Catherine on her past life regression experience: “Hello Catherine, thank you for wanting to hear my thoughts on this. I see from your pictures how much you love horses and how much riding them means to you. It is lovely! So what better way for you to present to yourself your next level of growth (releasing the sudden fears and the lessons they carry) than through your passion (riding horses).

“Normal” is a very relative word, my dear. “Normal” is different for everyone. It is best that I answer you with a question. What do you get out of feeling sick for a couple of days or more after a past life regression? Does it serve to show you that you are peeling the layers of fear and unwanted stuff? That you are really changing?

I want to share with you the possibility of another “normal”. You don’t need to create a process to know that you have changed. You can let go of the need to feel sick and to know that you have instantly changed and become the person you prefer to be. Horses are our symbol of freedom. Ride on this new “normal” possibility I am offering you and if it feels right, find speed and freedom through it. I am sending you wishes for a joyous new year!”

What are your experiences after connecting with a past life? Do you experience symptoms of releasing? Do you feel instantly changed physically and emotionally?

Please share