Money Grows On Trees




Growing up I used to hear that money does not grow on trees.


How narrow-minded and wrong were those people!  Money does grow on trees!




Image: Money Tree, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from mr_blue_don’s Flickr stream





Image: Money does grow on trees, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from robpatrick’s Flickr stream





Image: Money tree, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Tasa_M’s Flickr stream



Here is what Tasa_M says under her photo: This coin-studded tree trunk is on a footpath at Hardcastle Crags in West Yorkshire. This is a tradition based on the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees” where people hammer coins into tree trunks for good luck. It’s also known as a Wishing Tree as each coin represents a wish, like tossing a coin into a fountain. Although the custom is said to date back to Roman times, most of these coins appear to be 2p pieces close up! Other examples can be seen in the Lake District and North Yorkshire.